Hi there! I’ve just recently took an interest on actually practicing witchcraft but I don’t where to look for spells or who I should listen to. Then I stumbled upon a video from the creators of this website and decided to try and join the forum. For anyone wondering I am a student living in Europe and I enjoy a variety of different things. just forgive me, i dont really know what to say. Maybe i can being by asking this question: la it safe for people like me to perform spells, even more powerfull ones like love spells or curses? Ive heard multiple opiniones on the topic and they vary from “performing powerfull spells for newbies is dangerous. The more powerful the more negative consequences. Also if you don’t have experience the " forces” aren’t going to help you as you need to make compromises with them and that’s why you need experienced spell casters" to “spells aren’t dangerous for the person casting them and the worst that can happen is the spell not working”. What do you think?

The truth is in the middle I guess.
Spells can be dangerous, a curse can backfire. So saying “the worst that can happen is the spell not working.” Is completely false in my opinion.

BUT having no experience doesn’t mean you can’t get any results, or entities won’t help you. How are you supposed to gain any experience if you don’t do stuff on your own? :laughing:

My advice is you use the search function of this forum and look at some of the beginner guides. It can all be very confusing in the beginning, but just find a topic you like and start from there.
Be careful, but don’t be afraid.

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If I can ask…where are those? I honestly need them; plus, I already kinda need to perform a spell of two but I’m not sure if I should right now. Should I make a new post so I can talk about that? I really don’t know how to properly use this forum

Thank you very much

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Hi.Welcome to the forum.