Hi. My name is Roy. I just started learning about Lucifer and King Paimon. I am interested in learning more about them and hear your stories from personal experiences. Thank you


Welcome to BALG, Roy. :slight_smile:

What got you interested in the occult?


Do you have any experience at all in magick?

i dabbled in magick here and there on and off for many years but never really got anywhere. i never got proper results, maybe because i never did the rituals correctly by cutting corners. lately i want to challenge my fear and started to pray to lucifer and im getting hot sensation all over esp around my crown chakra. im feeling empowered being anchored in his energy thats why i want to know more. thank you for your responses


Welcome to BALG, did the promise of cookies on the dark side get you here? Jk jk

Though yeah, I wish you a very big welcome, it’s a nice community here. I wish you luck in your quest for knowledge.

Welcome! Lucifer can be quite the powerful energy, can’t he? If you let him, he will completely transform your life!

Welcome to the forum.

Hi there Roy, welcome to the forum.:wave::blush: King Paimon is a delightful spirit to work with. Just use the search function and you’ll find tons upon tons of stories and posts about Lucifer and King Paimon. :bouquet:

thank you all for the warm welcome!