Newbie with tons of questions

Hi ,

I am a 30 years old guy living in Singapore, a country where totally no traces of magick can be found.
Since young, I am very interested and curious in the occults and darkness but am afraid to dwell deeper into the unknown.

Came across this forum a few days ago while surfing the net and am totally engrossed now and wish to join you guys on the LHP.
Have a few questions and hope you friendly net friends might help advise :-

  1. How do I get started? Totally no experience and knowledge about the LHP.
  2. Is it scary? I mean I did try reciting Lucifer’s name over and over again last night before going to sleep but was kinda freaked out when I feel the air getting heavy and felt like some presence is in the room with me.
  3. Will I get harmed in any way ? Practicing what I read in the forum , alone with 0 knowledge.

Thanks !

Well what do you wanna do on the LHP?

Welcome to the forum.

To be honest, pure curiousity.

And maybe to find a new me I guess ?

I am content with my life, but have always felt something lacking. Kinda just drifting through the mundane days, hoping to find a purpose in my life.

well first start by researching stuff about the LHP and find something that interests you? Thats what im doing

Since there’s so much knowledge and so many things to try it can be pretty overwhelming at first. I suggest simply picking out something that sparks your interest and focus on that.

Some situations can be scary, I’m not gonna lie.
Spirits aren’t out there waiting to take your soul, like in Hollywood movies.
But they’re not cuddly friendly all-loving creatures either.
Although in my personal opinion humans can be way scarier.
Because most of the times when you reflect on that scary situation you will realize it was either necessary for you to notice something, or it was your own emotions, that had nothing to do with the spirit’s nature.

Not if you keep using your head :wink:


Learn banishing, cleansing, grounding, do them regularly, I say you will be fine most of the time.That wont keep you against big cannons out there but big cannons arent straight up malicious even when they might not like you.

Its fine, after all its first time.Just learn banishing like I said.

Well if you dont know what you are doing, eventually, but dont worry, you have to really try to fuck up for messing things up as a newbie.

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Can magic help one with knowledge(academics), which one was struggling with before?

For example if i was terrible at math, like basic algebra… With magic, can i understand math to the point when i can solve advanced math problems?

Is that a possibility?

I have heard of stories people who couldn’t play instruments and with magic, they had the abilities to do so. I don’t whether if these stories are true or just how much of them are true.

If it is true, then how can one start?

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