New to the whole thing

Hi everyone I’m kinda stuck at the moment but I know all the basic and stuff just don’t know we’re is a good place to start work in or with

so what exactly do you know how to do, like what do you mean by basics?

and what are you goals, etc?

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This is the thing I’m having real problems with I know how to do all the call up and setting up the ritual it’s just hard for me to get my self into thata/gama syc and was wondering if it was safe to go into ritual blindly

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my first question is, can you meditate?

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I quess never really knew were to start always tried thing blindly

if you meditate, that meditative state, from what im told is tgs.

Thanks for the help and also can u give any info how I can start pathworking and maybe we’re to start

for beginners i highly recommend starting with Lucifer. Or king Paimon. one of those two.

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or both

Thanks will give it a shot and give u a review on what happens


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