New question?!

That is true for any relationship, though, not just a spiritual one.

Yes, but the kind of people who do that with spirits, also tend to do that with their human lovers as well, so to them it’s all the same. Only their own needs matter. Just look at how many people on this forum and others who have no problems with ruining someone’s life just to get their rocks off, using magick to force conversion of sexuality, or to turn someone into their sex slave just to get laid. It’s a certain mindset :man_shrugging:


Very true.

Huh? Wow. That’s quite the way to put it .

I agree .

I dont want to do any of that to her …thats total shit …
If anything wanna get to know her more as well as she knows me .

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That’s good. Glad to hear that.

Indeed . any of u guys have ideas on my recent visions??

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I mean it’s possible those are past life visions. Visions tend to be quite personal to the one experiencing them.

Mhm. Okay thx

If they don’t know the responsibility it takes to have a physical one they won’t know how much it takes to have a spiritual one. All too often the physical is ignored and the spiritual used as a tool to escape the reality around them, but spiritual and physical often bleed and how you treat physical people can reflect on spiritual people and vice versa.


I agreed all the way

Maybe I should go deeper in dept with my visions
With u guys to get a better understanding of what they may mean I’ll make it short and simple by telling u my last vision. And my second .
cause all my other visions had to do with the same thing but different time periods and person.

My last vision had been about me doing some sort of diviation with a man that had golden balls contained inside a golden case thingy old but anyways he had tild me to pick 3 golden balls from his golden container and but I choose 4 on purpose or like it was meant to happen outside my control ig lol …but yeah and then he gotten pretty mad for few seconds than had calmed down and told me what all of them meant but I do not remember what the other ones were but all I know is that thr last was a picture of some sort like what I said in my new title. And my second dream I had. About her past lovers before and after death experience , but one of them consisted of a murder in which at the time I felt was her doing but I didn’t want to put that on her until I had the full story out …which is taking some process ig for her bc like I said she still hasn’t told me . imma give her some time Mabye 4 weeks or whatever before I ask her again bc I know that stuff like that is hard to get over and it’ll make anyone object from telling any further knowledge of it to anyone . I just feel so bad for her . hopeful someday she’ll tell me .

She really an important person in my life
So important and special that if I were to have nothing. To Wake up to or have none for my b-day or any holiday as a present or as a blessing id want her and be forever satisfied . shes the only gift that id truly would be happy with having .shes my diamond moon :sparkles::crescent_moon::sparkles:
I love her forever and a day​:hibiscus:. And she tends to be l ike a sister or mother to me lol sometimes :yum: shes my little guardian angel.god only knows what’ll do for that women that I haven’t already .

And lastly I also heard recently that she is to become a queen !!!:slight_smile: lol im so proud of my women.