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I have been following this forum off and on since I I met someone on the left hand path, it really opened my eyes. I used to be more into magic and divination when I was younger and took it up again. Recently Azazel has been trying to communicate with me to have more babies says he has followed me for lifetimes.



What do you currently practice?

Currently trying to figure that out, currently I’m doing an uncrossing bath to open myself. However, Azazel is very open with communication with me and lead me here.

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Thank you for expanding a bit upon your experience. Welcome :slight_smile:

I think this forum will be good for me considering all the communication Ive had with demons in the last few weeks, with my friend. However, Azazel really wants me to have a baby because I make beautiful ones.


Welcome. :star_struck:

Thank you

Welcome to the forum.

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