New member hello etc


I’m new here, I don’t know if I will be motivated to participate much…but I might.

I’m kind of exhausted and going through a resting period, so I hope I get my zest back soon.

Meanwhile will watch and perve

Thanks and regards

Dea Invicta


Welcome to forum.Can you tell us how advanced you are in magick ?


Well, motivation is the key to changing anything and everything, so I do hope you find some somewhere. What brought you here if it wasn’t motivation?


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Welcome to the forum

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Please tell us a bit more about yourself, How Long you have practiced, What areas of magick interested you etc.

Your intro doesn’t really say much. use this as an example:


Welcome to the forum. My thread you might find useful.

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It’s hard to say how advanced I am.

I am a mature person however and have been active practically for about 30 years.

I have known about EA Koetting for a while and looked at the forum recently. I was delighted to find a lot of activity here, and some really good sparks of knowledge from people who really do practise magick.

I am a female and a Thelemite. I have also been baptised into the Voudou faith but stop practising that many years ago.

I have done lots of stuff, I am also a Medium and I like conjuring. I prefer working with the Old Gods instead of their more recent masks.

thank you!