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Hello all,
First time poster, been lurking for a few days. I found Joy Of Satan in 2016 been going to there forums on and off until I found these ones. They were a good intro point into the left hand path but for reasons that may be obvious to some I had to move on from them, as I could not resonate with their ideologies. Anyways, I digress. I’ve been told by Lucifer and other ‘spirits’ that I am a god, incarnated. If anyone wishes to confirm this they can do so, with no intent to harm. I have some experience with magic, but nothing concrete. When I was really passionate one time one of my curses worked well, but it got sent back to me and kind of fucked my life up for a hot minute. Anyways, my main connection is to that of Lucifer, and yeah this is my intro. Lol. Thanks for reading.

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So you’re a beginner to magick?

What areas are you most interested in learning?

I’m most interested in accumulating wealth, power, relationships… physical stuff. Also finding my true self and what vocation I’d be best at (I’m leaning towards the healing field or music). Don’t know if magick would help with that haha. I also want a clearer connection to Lucifer. I don’t really do ceremonies I just do my magick mentally.


We have many great beginner resources so make ample use of the search function on the upper right. There’s enough information here to keep you busy for a long while :slight_smile:

Thank you. Could you point me towards some search terms for beginner resources?

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What interest you in the healing field?

Do you write music now, what genre’s inspire you the most?

Hmm… well this idea of being a healer as my calling.
Music I write is rap, although its not very deep or anything like that, I can post a link of a rough I did a few weeks ago.

that would be awsome :slight_smile:

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very clever writing, rap is not my favorite genre but I can appreciate the complexity and skill it takes to write good rap :slight_smile: Yours is definitely good man!

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Thank you, I feel a feeling in my solar plexus, Idk if its you or if I just feel gassed up from the compliment. Either way, thank you!! :heart:

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