New Henry Archer book

So its about pathworkings than full rituals. Damn

I haven’t read the whole book yet so I can’t comment on any of the theory (aside from my own current opinions), but the rituals are pretty “standard” I’d say. If by “pathworkings” you mean like in Lucifer and the Hidden Demons then don’t worry, like I said the book teaches more standard sigil-based methods. It does not teach evocation, however, just tasking.

Generally speaking, I’d say the book seems more beginner-friendly than Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, another book that covers Goetic magick that incorporates the Shem angels and angelic emissaries (or attending angels, as they’re called in Archer’s book).

The latter is certainly usable by newbies, but even the most basic method is relatively complex compared to the Gallery’s simplest stuff like Words of Power, which Archer’s method is more similar to. DoM does teach full evocation, but not everyone needs that level of complexity.

I’m saying this for anyone else who happens to be reading btw, I know you’ve been around.


No, not pathworkings. They are full rituals. They just do not require TGS, or a lot of tools.


From what I’ve seen, it’s published by The Power of Magick publishing, which also released Lucifer and The Hidden Demons by Theodore Rose and books by Ben Woodcroft, so it’s not published by GOM.

Just because the book is not published by The Gallery of Magick, does not mean Henry Archer isn’t a member of GOM, or at least worked with its members. His stuff is very similar to theirs, and he cites a lot of the same sources as Brand.

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Ah, gotcha. I thought you meant specifically the publisher. My bad.

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I’ve just received the book and skimmed through it very quickly:

  1. Henry Archer uses the same sigils and emissaries for both angels and demons as Damon Brand, without the “circles” around the sigils and without any Hebrew letterings. He justifies these at the end of the book, claiming that it would would just fine without the circles and Hebrew characters.

But it makes me wonder , without the circles around the sigil and Hebrew, is the user/magician safely constraining the demon in the ritual and protecting himself ? Sometime authors may just say stuff i.e. it’s “totally safe” just to sell books (I’m not implying he is but gotta look after and protect oneself ! )

  1. No offering required for the demons (I wonder if this is cool with the demons, and whether they would be offended and less co-operative ?). They just need gratitude and thanks , according to Henry in his book.

  2. Rituals are relatively straighforward it appears

I have not started any of the rituals yet but the above is what I managed to glean from the book in the last 1 day.

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No, this does not offend the demon. I don’t give offerings in my magick and yet no demon has ever gotten mad at me for it. In EA’s work, he never talks about having to give offerings. Neither does the author Kontantinos. Offerings seem to only be a particular thing for demonolatry, which is a religious practice.

Those things do NOT constrain the demon at all. How would putting a circle around a symbol constrain the demon the symbol represents? I have used seals both with and without circles and found no difference between them. The circle simply establishes a boundary to help your focus.


Quick one DK, please - Are we “protected” from the Demon in case it decides to be naughty and torment ?! :slight_smile:

Yes, though the demon doesn’t really do that anyway.


Does Henry Archer books uses the names of god or yahweh to constraint the Demons? I try to avoid those practices that do that.

the name of god is used but its not to constrain them

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Thank you. Hmm… I try to distance myself from that.

Anybody having success with this one? Intrigued. Thinking of buying.

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Hi guys. I just got the book myself and read it in one breath. However, what totally frustrated me is the fact that among loads of powers listed, none of them is to obtain a job. I read through all the pairs and cannot find anything that applies. Most of the powers related to jobs is mostly referring on the situation when you already have a job. Please any recommendations?

Welcome @Dijana. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

Hi, just one question. How many days we need to repeat the rituals for? 5 days in a row or? Thnx in advance.xx

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Oh I do apologise…did not know. Will be doing this tomorrow as soon as I find time.

i have done it my dear my angels and demons lives togther

Hello I have read theory part of the book, it seems very interesting but I don’t know is it safe to apply or not, because I am inexperienced,