New deck Spirit Animal Oracle,

Awesome - thank you so much!

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May I have a pull?

Of ourse heart I was out and about for my birthday I’m wi ding down now in the last hour and a half of it lol. @Healing_Heart
So I cut to the hummingbird spirit “be here now”
And the last card on stack the Turkey spirit
" Give with gratitude and grace"
Umm cut again with hope that what ever I cut at there’s a pirit animal of that kind that wants to meet you, Crow spirit “co create with spirit”

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hey, Happy belated birthday, thank you, your reading it resonates. Be blessed

Glad the cards matched up they seem o be doing pairs in type of animal lately the split card and the last card which is cool helps me know it’s not as random as it could be but I’m also counting down how may shuffled I’ll do so it’s easier for the last card to be the second part to the message. The crow for someone I meet seemed nice too especially the words associated with it since so many spirits use crow as an image ou have so many different ones it could be but id definitely meditate on the crow worse case you just get a friend.

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Friends are nice. Thank you for that. Now if I can just find out about the gatekeeper that is around me. Be blessed brother

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Can i get one plz for career

Can I get one plz


Sorry haven’t been on much lately I can’t do it atm either but will give a reading later if you want, just pm me so I can find the request.