New Avatar Power for Beginners?

is it a good book for beginners?

I’m not being sarcastic at all, but what do you mean by beginner? Just Magick in general?

I can only speak for myself, but for me would it be “good for people just starting to explore magick”, I’d ask? To put it into pop-culture references, I’d be like a Muggle-Born student’s first week at Hogwarts new.

involving evocation and invocation of spirits of various types

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my path has been solely RHP since I was 14

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What are you wanting to accomplish/do? I think that’s more important to ask yourself than considering a particular “path”. Right and Left are 2 sides of the same coin.


im sorry you feel that way when reading my posts, but I can also understand, my multidimensional life has been nothing but hard with some exceptions, I am looking at ways to evoke spirits that may help me and since i am new in the whole evocation business thats why i ask, and the beginners in the title i added it, the name of the book is new avatar power, idk if it is for beginners thats why i asked

Hey @MagickVigilante, I’ll take a stab at your question. I am the very definition of a beginner, and for me the book has been a very positive endeavor. As someone very new to this, I like what it provides for me…although it sounds like you have a much more established foundation into the occult than I have.

There’s a ton of threads on this forum about NAP, so read up on it and go from there. One thing though, if you decide upon practicing NAP, you have to totally buy into it. Read it in its entirety several times before you actually practice it. Good luck on your journey, whatever path you’re led to!


Thank you Steve

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I honestly just want to get my multidimensional life back in order piece by piece

You’re very welcome …

Yes, but read the book fully, so you don’t miss anything. I’m not a beginner exactly, more a beginner in putting what I learned for many years into practice. It’s an easier book to follow but for better results, some things might need to be added to it. Not sure why, maybe it has to do with so many people have been using it, I’m not sure if it’s true that the spirits that have been used in that book are tired. Nevertheless, if you’re using it. I’d suggest using binaural beats, with the passage that’s supposed to get you into a trance, also if you’re going to use Nitika, it’s good to have its sigil in front of you. It’s how I’ve done it with an energy ritual to get faster results. Though how much you get depends unless you state an amount in your request.

Yes it is.

You can work NAP as a complete beginner, and you can also work Lon Milo DuQuette’s book Enochian Vision Magick as a beginner, as well. To my way of thinking, Lon’s book will probably work better for you than NAP, because the enochian elementals are very powerful.

The key is to read the entire thing and understand how to do the work in order.

The NAP book doesn’t properly explain how to set up the brain and heart Operant Fields, which is the main key to getting them working ritual magick properly. I explained Operant Fields here in general, and you can find out more about them from Scott here. Operant Fields are the key to doing ritual magick that actually works, so pay attention and modify your NAP until it incorporates these ideas.


This is interesting… I will look up that book. I’m using NAP to get my ex back (once that’s happened I am certain I will be hooked onto deepening a relationship with magick) I wasn’t sure if you could combine practices successfully to the same end… eg I have trouble believing sometimes so I have been tempted to do the summon Amon sigil thing mentioned on here. I’ve no doubt my subconscious mind plays a part in all this so I’m using subliminals, meditation and hypnosis to try and get it to play along. But the thing that really resonated with me about NAP was the idea that there is a force that can be tapped into - my belief is that mystery schools initiate you into these forces but I haven’t yet been successful in finding one im convinced by. Also my life doesn’t really allow for rituals at the same time every day so have been doing as and when…