New and seeking knowledge

Hi my name is pyro I’m new to all of this and I would like to talk to higher power I seek knowledge more then requests and things I barely know how to meditate please if anyone would give me starters I would greatly appreciate it.
How should I meditate
Who’s the best to start with
How to open my seses and third eye
How to begin to see or hear presence
Breathing exercises
Meditation exercise
Help in general
Thank you <3

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Welcome @Eth29563

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience at all with magick?

Have you ever tried anything?

If I’m being honest I haven’t got much experience however I’m open to learn anything I seek as much knowledge as possible

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My favorite publishers are BALG, the Gallery of Magick, and The Power of Magick Publishing.

Find a book you like, do the magick and then see where it takes you.

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