Negative Energy - how to get rid of it

Find a banishing ritual you like and do it daily, morning and night.


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, or LBRP
The Star Ruby
(Take your pick. There are many banishing rituals available on the web. Find one that speaks to you and do it)

You can also do:

Smudging your home with sage
A Cleansing bath with the appropriate herbs for repelling negativity
Distributing various stones known for repelling negativity around your home (there are members here that have great knowledge of this)
Placing an onion (or an egg) in a room to absorb the negative energy (I’ve heard of this, never done it. I think it is an old Hoodoo recipe).

I also recommend you pick up a copy of Jason Miller’s book Protection and Reversal Magick. It has plenty of floor washes and such for repelling negativity from a home and person.


Black candles will absorb negitivity, this can be intensifed through ritually charging them if you are working with a system. For example earth or saturn to bind it to draw it to the candle.

White candles can help purify and cleanse a space, this can be amplifed using the elemental energy of fire or the planetary energy of the sun.


My method is a bit unorthodox. Based on my observations, I’m not sure if many people can do this. So, I’m not sure if I can recommend my method.

I actually embrace, bring the negative energy into me, and fortify my environment with it. The energy does all sorts of things to me; however, it generally fortifies, energizes, super charges me and my environment among many things… Some demons seem to enjoy it as well.

Either way, I personally don’t like to “get rid of”, cleanse, or banish negative energy. I love to embrace and work with it. That’s just me though.


I have a pretty effective method for getting rid of negative Thoughtforms which are in your own body/soul as well as attached to or surrounding you externally. All of the above suggestions by other members are great and I use them myself. But I’ll share this here too - YouTube


Along with what everyone has suggested here, place bowls of salt around the places in the House you feel the energy the most. You can even sneak one into the bedroom with your husband.

Salt absorbs the negative energy in the air, just remember to change the salt often.

Consecrate your house by the power of ( whatever resonates with you most. I find that the energy of the earth works well for me when consecrating houses for protection )

Set up wards around your house to keep further negative energy out and renew those wards if you feel their strength waning


How would you recommend setting up wards? Like just a basic, repeated visualization of some kind of shield or barrier around the house?

Hmm, that sounds like the complete opposite of “negative” energy. If you find the energy beneficial, wouldn’t it be considered positive energy?

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We all have to shower, change clothes, clean the house in a regular basis. The negative energy is like dirty must be cleaned frequently. Try some spray mixing water, alcohol and essential oils of rosemary, lemon, citronella, for example. Spray it everywhere in your place. OBS.: I prefer only alcohol and essential oils because it dries faster.

I’m going to share a method with you that I just tried out.

Visualize lightning strike the palms of your hands and that it lights a fire on your hands. Feel this fire as a very real force on your hands, as if the heat radiates from it.

With the back of your hands together, make a motion as if you are parting the “Veil”. Move your hands outward.

As you are doing this, know that the fire on your hands further weakens the veil.

In the place where the veil is parted, visualize a place outside of your home and in that place there is a glass of pure salt water.

Put your hand (it doesn’t matter) out as if you’re reaching into the astral space before you and imagine that you’re pouring all of your negative energy out through that hand into the glass.

You’re trying to deposit your negative energy into a space outside of your home.

Once you feel like you’ve poured out enough, shake your hands to cut the contact.

Clap your hands together as if you’re dissipating that image, this cuts off the connection from that space to where you are, as if you’re shifting your attention away.

Bring your hands together as if you’re closing the veil.

Then, imagine you’re in a cold room and your breath is fresh and cold.

Breathe a cold breath onto the place where you parted the veil, this is supposed to “immortalize” and repair the veil where you had weakened it with the fire.

Try it out and let me know how it turns out!


Burn sage or Palo Santo sticks. Add black salt and Florida water to your floor wash. Florida water on pretty much anything, spray it. Boil sage and make your own spray too. Set up witches balls, charm talismans, and railroad spikes on the four corners of your property.


I agree. I place salt around my house at all times

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I did a walk-through on this a while ago, once you have the basic method you can extend it to walls of shields, then walls, etc:


Put your right hand out.

I don’t know how to explain it.

A round gemstones Obsidian and Black Onyx can help. Salt is also a good option. But get the rock salt only, not the regular one that we use to eat. Clean your home floors with rock salt water every week. Take rock salt water baths. This can help. Combine this with other active and passive options.

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Like @Lady_Eva recommended she wrote on this a while ago.

I can offer a little more input but yes visualizing a shield and feeling the energy of that shield as a barrier to negative energy. ( remember visualization without energy is just smoke and mirrors, your visualized constructs need energy to back it up )

You can also use this very simple protection spell:

You’ll need:


A drop of your blood here would be ideal but not at all necessary

And some herbs: pick and choose from this list but have at least 3, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Clove, Cumin.

Mix these ingredients together and keep adding more charcoal till your get your mixture as close to the color black as possible.

Now this is already in itself black salt which can be used for protection by sprinkling in corners which you feel negative energy but you can take this a step further.

Cleanse your house prior to his however way you best can, salt and water, saging it, it only needs to be simple. The aim of this is trying to get whatever negative energy that’s already in to go out.

The aim of this spell as a whole is to make sure the negative energy stays out and whatever remains is absorbed and nullified by your black salt.

Now salt traps negative energy and black as a color absorbs light, it absorbs energy into it. The color enhances the efficacy of the salt.

Once you’ve made and ground the mix the best way you can. Consecrate this to a spirit of your choice who deals with protection: could be angel Michael, could be Hestia goddess of the home, could be Isis, it could even be to your own godself if you’re well familiar with it.

Hold your hand over the salt and feel the energy of your mix, see and visualize energy stream from your outstretched palm into it and will this energy to activate the protective properties of all the ingredients in your mix.

Here you can add a verbal charge to the herb ( by all means tweak or this chant however you wish ):

“Salt cleanse and render anew
Black absorb the malice and hate
Let this House be cleansed by sage
Rosemary chase evil at all corners
By thyme, cumin and clove
Let this negative energy be gone from my home
In nomine sanguinis ( if you added blood this basically calls upon the power of your blood )

Take this mix and go around your property three times sprinkling this around the corners of your home especially where you feel the negative energy is gathered.

As you do visualize and push energy into placing wards that are fortified by your mixture which adds energy and power to your visualizations and acts as a physical marking for your wards so you remember where you placed them when you feel like renewing them.

However you want to visualize this ward is up to you. @Lady_Eva has an excellent tutorial on warding, you can use that.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you need further help.


^ That’s brilliant, bookmarked, thanks! :+1:

I love this part:


Thank you ! I have to channel my inner traditional witch once in a while you know :wink:

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Wow, thanks for the detailed advice! I really appreciate it. :smiley:

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Of course! You’re welcome

İ thounjght i was only one doing this method