Need you guys opinion on something

So I found this recipe in Initiation Into Hermetics but of course I am sceptic if I should try this, but I would really like to get better eyesight,inhaling fire element helped a bit but I would like more.

This is the recipe

An excellent remedy contributing to a quicker success and influencing the physical eyes very
favorably, so that people suffering from bad eyesight or stricken with an eye complaint can
profit from not only the magical point of view but from the sanitary one as well, is the
preparation of a magical ophthalmic fire-lotion.
The following ingredients are necessary:

  1. A large bottle of distilled water
  2. Chamomile flowers (dried or fresh)
  3. Eyebright (dried or fresh)
  4. 7-9 osier or hazel switches which you can find in fields. Strip the leaves, then dry the sticks
    in sunlight.
  5. Filter paper and a small funnel.
    Now you can prepare the eye lotion. Pour a half-pint of distilled water into a clean container,
    boil it, then add two teaspoons of chamomile flowers and one teaspoon of eyebright. Let themboil for only a few seconds, then take it off the fire and cover the pot with a lid. After 10
    minutes, filter it into another clean container. When the tea has cooled down take a bunch of
    the osier or hazel nut twigs, set one end aflame, and let them burn. Now dip the blazing ends
    into the tea. By doing so the material fire element has been transferred into the tea, which one
    can already regard as a fluid condenser. I will write about this detail in a further chapter. Now
    filter this fluid condenser into another clean container. The filtering is important to remove
    any chips or ashes produced by dipping the burning twigs into the liquid. Pour the tea into a
    bowl and put is in front of you.
    Now inhale the fire element through the lungs or pores, or both at the same time, into your
    body and fill it entirely with this element. At this projection, there is no great attention to be
    given to the intensity of the warmth, as you will feel it in any case, but do not forget that the
    fire element has to bear your desire that you transferred to it through your imagination. After
    transferring to the fire element your desire to have your material eyes strengthened and your
    astral eye developed, project the fire element in the same way as you performed the
    experiment of the light accumulation, whether by way of the solar plexus or one of your hands
    or your breathing, into the liquid. If you get the feeling that the projection is not sufficient,
    repeat the experiment several times, but no more than 7-9 times. Thereby the prepared
    condenser will turn into a strong essence that will not only have a very fine effect on the
    eyesight, but also strengthens, enlivens and develops the astral senses. Now pour the fluid
    condenser into a clean bottle and keep it in a cool spot. This ophthalmic fire lotion may be
    used for strengthening the eyesight or for magical purposes. In the case of weak eyesight, one
    can simply drop this liquid condenser into the eyes without any hesitation because the
    two-herb combination is anti-inflammatory and an eye tonic, but for magical practice, i.e.,
    the development of the astral senses, it will suffice to moisten a piece of cotton wool wrapped
    in gauze or a strip of clean linen and to use it as a poultice during the experiment of
    animating the eyes with light.

Sorry its really long, but I would love any feedback.Like I said I am sceptic,its my eyes after all it seemed harmless to try but another opinion wouldn’t hurt, thank you.

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How effectively did it help you

Dude wtf lol I thought someone gonna answer this thread outta nowhere and you did

What O_O

To answer you, I didnt do it because firstky I am nowhere at this stage, secondly I dont trust it.

Lmao I know what you mean. Synchronicity plays no games lol.

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I did it and it worked well on me and my family but I didn’t apply it directly. I put it on a towel and then on my eyes.

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Did you do the exact same procedure or something similar?

exact same procedure the issue with Bardons book is that the informations vary with each edition, luckily I have a first edition.

Which step are you on?

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I stopped a long while ago I was at step 6 but I wasn’t the best student, I will start from step one again this August because things changed a lot :slight_smile: I am also about to try out the formula of manifestation that Bardon provides