Need to work on protection

I know there is a lot of threads on people asking about protection, but I am trying to get a good list of either books or rituals that be good for protection wise. Iv done basic protection and simple cleansing but Iv just did a few readings today stating about the need for more protection and a reading directly saying I need to work on more protection and defense type of magic. So any ideas or suggestions?


Hmm I’d really recommend Magickal Protection by Damon Brand, it has a great banishing ritual and the main ritual is great for various reasons. Very powerful.


Magickal objects can be worn and charged like anything else. You can wear volcano beads and meditate upon light and protection of those beads and it’ll be a beacon of protection.

You can do certain rituals for protection from entities, psychic attacks, but a lot of protection can be practical from salt, garlic or wearing a charm necklace.

I got one around my neck right now and he protects me. It is a man with snakes coiled around his body… in a few months I’m going to buy a gold chain to wear it with.

I also have one wooden carved witch figurine that I face outside the window at night and she deflects all that tries to enter.

Protection is only as necessary as you think you need it.


Great advice from @Whitehowlite. You could even make a sigil for this purpose (A.O Spare style), charge it with energy and carry it with you to protect you. When dealing with things like parasites, I think maintaining a fearless mindset and feeling safe in general should already repel most.

Although sometimes shit really does hit the fan, it can be hard to keep yourself together, so It could be good to know how to defend yourself, finding go-to rituals for more immediate dangers. I think Magickal Protection is really great for that, but another book you could look into is Angelic Protection Magick by Ben Woodcroft, I haven’t read it myself but I’ve heard it’s also quite good. Some of the 72 Shem angels can also help, I’d recommend 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand, it has a good ritual for working with them.

Thanks everyone for your in put. I will look into these things! :slight_smile:
I know normally I’m ok. Normally I don’t have a problem with protection that much. But I guess to explain my situation a bit more, I see why I was told about needing more protection too, I live with a friend who’s house is literally unstable. She has portals everywhere in her room and basically enjoys opening more up. She attracts basically anything you can imagine a person that believes that by working with light based rituals (which does not happen all the time) protests and deflects all entities when in fact she had at least six random demons walking around her house and one that seems to “enjoy” her bed. Now rather they are here or not still I don’t know. But I had a few run ins with lower entities that got banished from my room ok more like throne out. So the other people in it is basically not just unstable but divided to the point they don’t act like a family. Fights brake out and such. Now I don’t feel I’m in danger, but the energy gets bad enough to where I’m constantly cleansing my room. So that’s kinda why I’m stepping up my protection along with also me wanting to advance further into me able to do this with out relying to heavily on another. Though guardians and help from other beings are welcomed. I just wish to learn how to do this my self. :slight_smile:


Personal protection: harden your aura, build shields, carry talismans, magical weapons.

General protection: banishing rituals, guardian servitors, warding.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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@Zoclora as mentioned by @Dankquanicus get the book Magickal Protection by Damon Brand. Follow the directions. Learn the ‘Sword Banishing’ and do it a lot initially. After that just do it morning and evening. It only takes a few seconds. I’ve found it very effective.

The book also contains specific rituals, one of which is ‘To clear any space’. Follow the directions. It’s unlikely you’ll need anything else.

The book is available on Kindle.


Thank you! I was planning to get this anyways:) Now it’s clear I should.


Energy working and being able to shield yourself without external items is very important. I’d say its damn near as important as learning when things are near.


I fully agree 100%

The psychic defense handbook by Robert Bruce is a good read and explains alot about negative energy, and negative beings; how to handle such encounters and what works best to protect yourself.

Definitely worth the purchase.

I also recommend doing the “Master protection ritual” from “magical protection” by demon brand , it’s a 33 day ritual needs a bit of focus but absolutely awesome ! 2 days after I finished I was saved from getting an electrical shock at work and since then even spiritually I’ve gotten many proofs of it working :blush: it also starts with Doing the sword banishing ritual making it stronger .

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Regarding a spirits talisman, can a spirit cleanse and consecrate the talisman when requested? Let’s say it has their own sigil on it and you want to wear it, is it possible they can energetically cleanse consecrate it for an individual?

Late reply, but I did a walk-through on how to create wards here.

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Edit: I see your thread now thanks

This one is pretty awesome!


Thank you for your replies everyone:3 This helps a lot!