Need Help!

How can I ask Pomba Gira Maria Padilha were to leave my offerings after I end the prayer,I don’t have any street in form of a Y,I have a street with 4 coners,& in what do I put my offerings in,example:can I put it inside a plastic bag or does it have to be in something different or do I just follow what ever comes up in my mind,PLEASE HELP!!! I don’t want to disrespect Pomb Gira Maria Padiha!!!


Please, before you make any more posts on this topic, introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, as you were previously asked to do. Tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you have. It is a rule here.

Judging from your English and, most importantly, the way you wrote Maria Padilla (Padilha instead of Padilla), I’ll assume that you’re either Brazilian, Portuguese, or from another Portuguese speaking country, and thus, I’ll answer you like this:

Pergunta pra entidade qual o melhor lugar e deixa ela te guiar até lá ou mostrar o lugar na sua mente, qualquer coisa, vai na calunga ou em uma encruzilhada mesmo.

Same text but in English

Ask your entity where she’d rather have it and let her either guide you there or show you the place she’d prefer having it on your mind’s eye, or any dirt crossroads or cemetery might do as well

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Thank for ur help,I appreciate it a lot!!!

First, please show respect to our forum rules, as the first step to acquiring knowledge. That means, please do an intro, as described here.

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