Need help with getting ex back

This is a large chunk of your problem. You’re a doormat. In your place I wouldn’t provide this dedication of time and resources to someone who isn’t reciprocating. Also make sure to get your intro posted.


Your love isn’t “pure” if you want to force her back.

Love Magick isn’t something you just pick up, not knowing squat about Magick itself, when you get dumped.
If it’s that hard on you, stop talking to her for a while. She wants to be friends, you don’t so don’t force yourself into the friend zone.

Do yourself a favor, do some lurking on this site and help yourself grow then you can come back to this and see how your outcome changes with what you’ve learned.



Drop contact, focus on yourself.


Listen to these folks.
However, if you do want to do something without forcing the situation, you can do a sort of love spell wherein you focus on her and simply bring any real love that is there to the surface. Maybe the relationship can be salvaged. I’m sure the folks on this forum don’t have enough information to decide that. If there is an ember, and if it is healthy for you both, then a fire may be rekindled.

You can do this without being a manipulative asshole, which is basically what the more direct methods come to. Also be prepared for the possibility that it is simply not meant to be, it’s over, and time to move on. There’s a good chance that events have unfolded exactly as they should for your well-being…


I can totally relate. I‘m trying to win back my husband who has moved out and got himself a girlfriend. It sucks. Hard. Still, I‘m not into revenge spells or any kind of magic that fu*** with his mind. I‘ll try to rekindle the spark and bring back the happy memories of ten shared years. If this doesn‘t work (I‘m working with Duke Dantalion at the moment), I‘ll have to learn to finally let go. It‘s a tough descision, but some of the more severe love spells might backfire after all. I want a partner in life, not a servant after all…


Well, at least your head is in the right place. Which can be tough when it’s fighting with your heart.

I’m really with you on your situation and wish you best of luck and a fulfilment of your desire.
Honestly, I think that in cases like this, common love spells are not enough since there are obstacles - sometimes in a form of another human but these obstacles are mostly in the target’s mind. I mean, the other person has his/her influence on the target, yes.
But it can be not only a person - it can be distance, it can be negative thoughts about you that the target has developed, it can be fear of relationship, it can be anything.
So, my point is that sometimes is better consciously to manipulate target’s thoughts in order to achieve results.
For sure, love is still there, in his mind. The love for you.
What you need to do, is to remove the negative thoughts that he has developed about you.
This is a domination. This can be done with black, obsessive spells. IMO, this can not be done with an ordinary love spells though they can help.
But the most important thing is to remove the negative thoughts and to make the target admire you and obey you.
I don’t wanna talk about the consequences for the caster here. This is black magic. Any kind of manipulation is a black magic.
You have to be ready to face the consequences.
You have to accept them and to be ready to live with them…



Do you have knowledge of such Magick?

Yes, I do. That’s most kind of magic I do. I fill my knowledge here, at the forum as well. There are several spells which deserve attention regarding this.


Would you be willing to discuss this further please?

Are you referencing the layered spell?

Not only. I’ve bookmarked a lot of spells and entities wich you can use for manipulation and domination. According to me, each spell can work as long as you put intent and will in it. Not necessary to say that you have to forget about it. If it doesnt work in a month, something went wrong.
Actually, a month is too long time. Two weeks. That’s the deadline.


Gosh. That’s a very bold statement. I’m impressed.

I cannot find your bookmarks. New here. And quite hopeless!

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I can see my bookmarks but not yours!


I’m pretty new to magick as well, but I know this: the fact that your ex isn’t willing to lose you says something. You have the opportunity to win her back but you need to do some things other than just magick. You see, your ex lost the attraction she had for you. You have to work on this. Improve yourself. Prove her you’re a man. Work out. Buy new clothes. Don’t let her treat you as if you are her puppy. Have her respect you as a man.

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Could you please help me? I’ve been trying to get me ex back.

I liked your response. Is there an email ID where I can write to you? Pls let me know. Thanks

Welcome @Rish Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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