Need help increasing sales

I’m already in abundance with money at this point however I want to increase the overall skill involved in making my sales, both magickally and physically as a better sales representative. I feel like I can improve much better. I’m already in a pact and have created continuous income because of that. Again I’m mostly doing this for skill.

The biggest issue I face is that people want my product and what it does. Or they don’t trust what I’m saying, because the company I work for did them wrong in the past. Customers don’t trust when I say that it will be better this time, because I’m a live agent and have the authority to fix their problems. I know in sales I need to follow up with customers. However still, some will keep stalling to get the product.

I’ve created a servitor to help.

What magickally could I do to fix these obstacles on a continuous basis?


Are you referring to your pact with Lucifuge or Azazel? Or some new entity?

And its cool to here your doing well. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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I’ll go through my books to see what I can find. I think I remember coming across a spell for this exact type of thing.


With AZAZEL, it seems I can’t ever escape him lol, not that I have a problem with it.

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Ok I did some looking though my books. It jogged my memory on what I was really remembering. I modified a Cats-eye money spell for them to do the type of thing you’re asking for. Worked out nicely. Last I remember seeing them, they are still doing very well.

I also found some stones for business success.

If you would like the names of the stones and how to do my modified spell, let me know and I’ll post it here. Just so if others are looking for the same type of info they can find it.

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Buddy…look no further than the mighty King Paimon, he’ll give you the keys to your answer.


Yea sure go ahead and post it. I don’t even know the cats eye ritual.

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Sorry that I did not get back sooner, an emergency came up with a friend of mine.

Ok four of the stones I am going to list can be used for business success. The other two in my personal opinion would be good to use in combination with them, I will state why with them.

Business success:
Green Tourmaline
Yellow Zircon

Optional combination stones:
Amber (Powered Amber mixed with your incense will increase their potency. It is also a money stone.)
Amethyst (Can protect against thieves.)

Because you haven’t heard of the Cat’s-eye money spell, I will give you the unaltered version also.

Unaltered Cat’s-eye money spell:
"Take a bill of the highest denomination you have. Rub it completely with the cat’s-eye, then tightly wrap the bill around the stone. Tie the bill firmly to it with green thread and carry in your pocket to increase your money. Don’t spend the bill until the spell has worked."
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia Of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic: page 95.

Altered version:
Bloodstone business spell: (Or business stone of your chose.)

If you do this in your circle, I suggest lighting green candles(yes green represents money, but also business) and add the amber powder to your insents.
Take a bill of the highest denomination you have. Rub it completely with the bloodstone, then tightly wrap the bill around the stone. Tie the bill firmly to it with a red thread(the red thread represents your passion for your business) and carry in your pocket to increase the success of your business. Don’t spend the bill until the spell has worked.

I hope this spell and info helps you out.


Does the cats eye have to be a certain color or clarity? I just looked up that a single cats eye stone can be out of my price range, if it’s clear and green. Can I use a “lower grade” of cats eye and have the same effect?

Any type is fine. It is the intent behind it that matters.

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