Need help, constant out-of-body / body high feeling from meditation

I need someone to help me interpret and reverse this cause I’m really confused. At work I had to do the same repetitive movements and figured I could try to meditate while doing it. I basically entered this state where I observed my body in 3rd person without any thoughts while it was doing the same repetitive things. What happened right after this is, my mind was intact but I couldn’t feel my whole body. It was like I was in a dream. I was struggling trying my hardest to keep my shit together at work cause I couldnt move my body properly and I felt every movement more but less at the same time and the feeling/ sensation of body movements register later. Didn’t feel good at all. I was also way less aware of my surroundings and unable to focus properly because of it. It’s like some kind of derealisation/depersonalisation, like I’m not really inside of my body or my body and mind arent aligned properly. It lasted like 3-4 hours. Physical sensations are the exact same as when I smoked so much weed and shocked my system so much I was high for a full week, so I thought I was detoxing thc out of my system or something. In order to find out I tried to enter that state again yesterday and went through the exact same thing waiting for it to go away. I woke up today entering that state by accident and I’m suffering again. Does anyone know what this means? I’m honestly starting to panick because of the loss of control since I can’t really do anything and don’t have control over it anymore. I can barely function

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Sounds like textbook symptoms of dissociation. Ground yourself ASAP; there are many easy techniques available if you search on here. Here are a few just for starters:


I had not thought of that originally. It is textbook dissociation.
OP definitely ground. Next time you have that feeling breath and tell yourself to calm down counting down from 10 all the way to 1. Then point out a few things in your room that are your favorite color.
If you can get your hands on something cold that will also help.
This is the advice my multiple therapist and occultist alike have given me.


Yep, get grounded. If you’re not sure how to do that, you just get in physical contact with the Earth. Ideally, go outside and stand on the Earth with bare feet, or touch a metal pole that goes into the Earth, that sort of thing. You’re literally electrically grounding yourself.


@Nyxifer @Titan.M @Mulberry Thanks guys. I started grounding 20-30 mins barefeet on soil everyday, calmed myself down and made my own subliminals to combat it and I’m doing way better. It’s already improved for 80%.


Ghob can help you if you ask him. He expects payment and he likes coins

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