My Ritual With Mammon

Hi All! hope you are all doing great as this writting reaches you. I am Gem Cabrera and would like to make my first post to honor the demon im working with now, the King Mammon.

about two days ago, I made a ritual for Mammon which i think he thought me… I chanted his enn and made an offering of cytrine with my blood…I requested for many things and i am about to finish my ritual, a cold wind blew my hand specifically my wrist… it was a blissful feeling… do you think that is a sign of his presence in my room? part of my wish is for my lover to gain success too and the day after the ritual, my he got a termination letter from the company… Im so amazed as how fast mammon works his ways… I know my bf is headed towards the right path as Mammon is know to destroy everything that is not serving one’s life for one’s success and growth… so I am making this testimonial as to his will . Hail King Mammon! He is a loving companion! cheers all!


Sounds cool, you are an advanced practitioner


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I wouldn’t say so by what you quoted, since such methods are pretty average, I would say so by this:

This person is aware of the nurturing experiences needed to attain success, which is pretty advanced imo


Welcome @gemahmad Please make a proper introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. It is a rule of this forum.


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Little do we know, DarkestKnight is actually Atlas in disguise.