My personal development and journey

I was reading about pendulum accuracy that other people have experienced along with just general experiences people have had with their pendulums. It just reminded me how thankful i am to have mine. He’s never told me anything but the truth. His predictions have always came true.

Though, i don’t treat him as a tool, but rather as a magick partner. I love him. And i cant express how appreciative i am that he came into my life. He’s the first one i turn to in any situation. My lil buddy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Alright my love rant is finished


Some updates. So i tried to AP on my own last night. I still suck is the conclusion i came to. Though this session was a bit strange… As i was meditating and trying to project, it felt like i had slipped and i was falling feet first, this feeling completely pulled me out of my meditative state. It was so weird.

Does anyone know if that means I’m getting closer to projecting? My goals are the whole obe thing. But it’s an uphill climb to get there.

The paranormal level of weirdness has hit an all time (and sometimes annoying) high. I’m currently on my own in the apartment and geez. I don’t know what i attract but they only like to pop up when I’m by myself. My partner is missing out on all the fun. I know i should cleanse the space but no one seems negative and i don’t mind the company.

I sound so lonely right now, but oh well. :grin: As soon as i move back in with my partner in a month all the crazy will cease. For whatever reason, no one likes to pop up when he’s around. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I can always count on Freya to pick me up when I’ve torn myself down. Just wanted to make a public announcement that she’s wonderful and I appreciate her.


Alright peeps, so I got super stoned and thought I’d meditate. And I almost fell again. I feel like I am so close to that OBE I’ve been searching for. Just can’t quite reach it.

Also, Loki has been pushing me towards Hel and Fenrir. I’ve decided to start doing some research on these two and then actively work on contacting them.

But I have a feeling that more than just Loki has been popping into my space during these last few days.


I’m ready to let my craft consume me :heart:

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I’m so lame. As soon as I let go, the universe just takes off on its own path. And for whatever reason, I continuously forget that I control my reality. What I deal with, what comes and goes from my life, this is on me. If I’d take a little initiative I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in.

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I’ve decided to reach out to Duchess Bune today. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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I thought I’d give you guys a couple of updates. Let’s go through the list-

Update on working with Bune:
This went very well! So after the mild ptsd that Agares nearly gave me a few years back, I’ve been rather hesitant about working with the Goetia. You guys can see above that I’ve tried a couple of times to no avail. This was not the case with Bune. I’m quite pleased to say this, but she literally pulled money out of thin air. I asked her for around 600-800 dollars. And guys, my bank gave me $600. SO THANK YOU DUCHESS BUNE!

I usually let Fehu handle any money-related stuff, but I think I want to start working with Bune and build a relationship.

Loki Updates:
If there are going to be updates, always expect an update on Loki :smiley:

So I got very close to OBE astral projection. Like at one point, I was hovering above my body, looking down at it while still being relatively conscious of my actual body. Weird feels man. Anyways, then Loki decides now’s the time to chuckle loudly in my ear. It then felt like someone was running their fingers along my forehead. It tickled so much and I tried to just ignore it.

I couldn’t focus after that. That’s the clearest I’ve heard him so far. I’ve really been struggling with clairaudience. When I was a teen, this skill came so easily. After lacking in actual practice for years, the ability has waned.

Honestly, I’m more hyped about the fact that I could hear Loki laugh so clearly that the astral projection side of excitement is overshadowed a bit. :smiley:

Now I will make note that I’m assuming it was Loki. I was trying to project, I didn’t specifically contact him with my pendulum. But I meditated for a moment and kind of sent out a “hey, going to give this a shot!” message to him and then began trying to relax and meditate. At no point did I feel anything but a neutral and or positive energy in the room. Loki’s energy is heavy, but it’s one I’m comfortable with.

If you have any ideas about what this was if you think it wasn’t Loki, feel free to share.

Other Updates:
I’m starting to look around me again and feel like things aren’t quite what I want them to be. They are better. But I’ve been super lazy with my craft. Now it’s like I’ve manifested enough around me that things are good enough and passable. I’d even dare to call this comfortable. But they aren’t quite what I’d like them to be.

I feel like I’m at a fork in the road, and soon I’ll need to jump. I still suck at reading runes. And my motivation to do anything has hit an all-time low. I swear it’s this country I’m in; it’s sucking the energy out of me. But I’m noticing this effect on others around me as well. South America makes me lazy and unmotivated. I’m ready to go back to Europe. But first, I’ll need to open some roads.

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Other Thoughts

I wanted to share some thoughts I had about something I saw on reddit. This post asked about how witchcraft had benefited one’s life. Most of the comments were like “Oh, it made me feel more confident in life!,” or “Now, I’ve healed my feelings,” stuff like this. But it really got me, had none of these people tried going further than their own feelings. It’s not my place to judge, and I’m not judging. But, for me, witchcraft has opened up a new world that’s ready for exploring.

Though, maybe that mindset is why I keep fucking around and finding out with these entities :smiley:

How has witchcraft benefited your life? (FEELINGS ASIDE) How have you managed to change what’s around you? I’ve literally gone from one end of the world to the other and around again due to this craft. My job, my relationships, and so much of my life were once spells in a jar that I’d cast on a full moon.

I guess I’m an all-or-nothing type of person with this. Even though I’m lazy with witchcraft right now, I know at the end of the day, I’m a witch and if something needs to be dealt with that will get the job done.


The money that i thought came from Bune was a taken away. Not sure how to feel about that :sweat_smile:

So I’ve been trying to hop in and out of astral over the last couple weeks. Mind you, I’ve been doing this without loki. Probably where I fucked up. Anyways, I think I’ve picked up a parasite or something has followed me back.

I saged the house and put selenite in one window, the sage in another, algriz on one and on the door.

Yall, whatever this was just pulled something out of me when I was dreaming. And when I slept earlier, it was trying to get in. I thought in the first dream that I was just having a bad dream. But after I slept recently and it actually grabbed me, I see that I was wrong.

We’ll see how this goes. I’ll be calling Loki today.

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I’ll never be able to fully express my appreciation and love for Fehu. My heart belongs with this rune.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve lit candles for Fehu, and guess who has provided constant work and income from the moment the first candle was lit. :heart:

Fehu always provides an abundance of what I need most

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Oh! I forgot to mention… I lit a candle for Loki. And this was while I was in the kitchen. Then I turn around to mess with my phone, and the cap on a bottle flies off and hits me in the back.

I missed Loki dearly. I hope he knows. Lately, I haven’t given him as much time as I should be.

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I’ve created two servitors. Well, I’ve totally created one. The other is still in progress. But, I feel as though the first one is quite efficient.

I will say I have noticed his appearance morphs a bit when I deal with him. Almost as if it’s unsure? He’s gone through several forms trying to find one, he likes, i think.

And then, last night, I tried to get a good look at him, and I had a lot of random voices/sounds pop up. I’m clairaudient, so this wasn’t anything weird. But it was weird that it happened when it did. They weren’t positive either.

Just making note of these peculiarities right now. I’ve never had servitors before. I used the tutorial on here to make them. The 6-step tutorial? Plus, I made a lil spreadsheet, so everyone’s traits, energy sources, etc are all kept organized.

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Ya’ll, I have cast quite the spell. Once it comes to fruition, I’ll share a pic, maybe, and discuss it more. But I have never seen a candle burn quite like this one did. My third eye is all tingly, and the room got quite warm and “buzzy.”

I’d share a pic just to show the candle to you guys. it was crazy looking

I saw someone mention the three-day rule on a full moon. I went ahead and pulled energy from it, plus blood, and then added herbs. Ooooh, I am feeling electrified after this.

I don’t cast spells like this often, but when I do… they make waves.

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I didn’t mention this before, but I had added a very small scrap of paper to the candle. Like, small-small. It was not substantial at all and should have burned up within 10 seconds. Anyways the candle, for the last 20-30 minutes, has been a bonfire. Insane looking. I’ll definitely post a photo later. I have never seen it burn like that with a full sheet or two of notebook paper. And never that long.

So i moved it and then moved it again and burnt a small section on the tip of my left pointer finger and got the weirdest vibe that i had just paid the price for this spell. Now I feel like my energy has been sucked out. Everything around me feels more intense, and my head feels mad weird, Im also shaky.

I am very curious to see the effects of this spell come about.

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I started a two-day fast in an effort to raise my energy or just get a little farther away from this world. I need to talk to Loki, and he’s hanging out around here but not actually talking to me. soo

Dedicating this fast to you, Loki. I hope he appreciates it :upside_down_face:

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The fast is still going. Im actually doing really well. Im neither hungry nor tired, and we’re 24 hours into it. Another 24 left to go. I will say everything feels very clear right now.

Im looking for some truth and clarity. After scouring the forum, I saw the demon Sraagbel. I found his sigil and think I’ll petition him to help. I know there is some deceit at hand. I am ready to open the floodgates and find the truth.

I’m tired of waiting for humans to do the right thing when they never do.

Alsoooo, Lets dive into the spell I did yesterday. A little bit of a love spell/binding spell with some blood (mine), energy from the full moon, and a sprinkle of some herbs and a hair as a link to the target.

My love spells are usually really good. But this one… Yall, this one is great. I know they take around 2-3 weeks to kick in properly. This was not the case with this spell. Literally within 24 hours, changes have been occurring.

I am minorly concerned about when I burned myself, though. I’ll be honest; hearing in the back of my head that I had just paid a price for this spell is a little odd and has not happened before.

Now the question of the day is, do I petition Sraagbel while this love spell is active or do I wait for it to run its course first…