My love spell worked and I need advices

Hello to everyone, I want to tell my experience with love spells and I want to ask an advice to people that are more experts than me. I’m 19 years old and two years ago I was in a relationship with a guy, I was younger, naive and immature, I deeply fell in love with him and I got very attached. I knew magick already, but I never performed spells because I live with my parents and they’re very controlling. I started having problems with my ex and he left me, after a week he already was with another girl. I was very broken and even though I couldn’t perform spells at home I did everything possible to go out and buy materials, even hiding them in my school bag. The binding spell I performed is considered very powerful in my country, I found it on a forum where people talked about it, they said it only bounded two people together and the man would have come back angry and jealous, even violent. They also said that it was almost impossible to break the spell and the two people would have had problems with other partners forever. Basically the spell is with Saint Elena, but she’s just the representation of a loa. I had to throw a golden nail in the water, to keep another one on a green tissue and to stick the third in the man’s picture and hide the spell from anyone. I did the spell few days after the 6 January 2018 and on the 20 January my ex and his girl broke up, I don’t know if it due to the spell. My ex started messaging me again and we went back together, but after a while I started losing interest in him because I met new people. He started to search me obsessively till June 2018, when I blocked him everywhere. I started dating other guys and he still tried to contact me in other socials, from other numbers declaring his love for me. It still happens today. I completely lost interest in him and I want to date other people, but there are always obstacles. I don’t have the material of the spell anymore because I put everything in my old school bag to hide it and when I finished school I had to throw everything. I tried to search the members of the forum where I read the spell and they don’t enter there anymore because the discussions are old. Is there anything I can do to see if there are blockages due to that spell? I can’t perform complicated spells with candles, herbs or other things.


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Look for the Master Book of Psalms by Jean Kent. In it there is a psalm specifically for breaking love spells. It can be used for breaking your own love spells as well as those cast on you by others. I have used it myself. It works.

It’s simple to use and requires no fancy trappings or materials. Ignore the instructions about kabala oil, it helps but is not required.


Thank you, I’ll search it!

I need this magic very much. Can you tell me in detail? Thank you very much


same here ha ha

It worked for the OP because she had lessons to learn, and so she learned them,

For you, @Tiger , I am assuming you will have a different experience.

to be honest my friend, the shaman path is taking its time so I thought I’d indulge in my search to capture my love ha ha

Relax, let it all happen as it does, and go with your intuition.

Maybe shamanism wont work out soon, that’s fine, just explore.

Shamanism can take as long as it needs, no rush man, time will tell, however I’m starting to think my love situation is a little bit more dire ha ha