My Introduction

Hello Everyone,

I am 26 Years old.All i can say is,whatever good is happening in my life,is thanks to magic.

And being an introvert person i don’t really like to meet people and beg them to help me, when it comes to normal day issues. Hence i prefer to work with the goetia spirits.I am still very new to this,but bless them, i have had great results.

My current issues are mainly regarding Love and Money.

And my Goals are to achieve the Target which i have been focusing on from quite a long time…I am very much interested in working with Affirmations,money magick and manifestation.

So yeah,looking forward to learn a lot more here and have a great journey ahead.Thank you .

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Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the BALG forum.

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Welcome to the forum and use the search icon for any questions you may have first.