My grimoire

Ive have come up with a new form of grimoire, which i have sent pages through a email to Balg support to send that kind of very dangerous form of Banefull type of sorcery, name of grimoire Deciple of the black sun the Medusas touch, i sent it from my Samsung S8 from my gallery, it has counter creation in it as well, i been using it for 8 months the forces from my original i use has been creating a lot of colossal damage on a epic level, some days i been using it up to 3 times a day, i did get a email from Balg support saying they will forward all my messages to EA, i am hoping he has received all what i have sent, depending on the requirements of amount of page numbers, i am hoping its enough.


Wishing you every possible success. Well done bro.


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Best of luck.
If they arent interested you can allways give it out yourself.
Many websites onli e where you can pri t your own book and choose style of bindnings and stuff.
I believe a simple poker style book of 100-200 pages could be printed for abouth 30-50 bucks or more all depending on quality.
So you can allways make a small printing yourself of mayby 100 examples and sell online If your idea is to get it printed. Or sell If as a pdf ebook for 10 bucks.
But real print is allways cooler, invest some of those bitcoins and make your own Grimoire collection.

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Well the grimoire has a pentacle to trap human souls in a crystal, mirror black, any vessel even dolls as well, my record is 8 souls.:metal:


Deluxe pig leather, cloth edition, so all those balg Authors who pays for those editions done in leather and cloth editions did each Author pay or did the company doing the binding, i advise young children not to get there hands on a copy, something about it, there is percific instructions how to open to Different realms of Hell and what it can bring through, its more about using the mind then saying words i been using 8 months never ran into problems, can be used using black candles don’t have to, can even be used with EAs Universal circle but its not compulsory, sometimes i sit in a dark room sitting in a chair using with only a lamp on with just enough illumination just to put enough glow, on it it is a slow process, i have even used under the influence of pot makes more terrorfying, but i try to work through it i successfully do, it does the same without getting stoned without the awakening nightmares.

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Is your grimoire out?
Tell me… I wanna buy it.
If not… Can you send it to me via email?

Keep us updated! I’m sure you could use patreon or something to distribute if EA doesn’t want to!

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What is the purpose of this? What does it do? I’m legitimately curious, because the Buddha taught that there is no soul/spirit, everyone is an ever changing being made up of the five skandas. From moment to moment, there is no continuity, your identity as a self is an illusion. And I’m trying to decide if it’s just more ritualistic drama to access the subconscious (the heart of magic), or something completely unique.

Just that i went to take a whole heap of photos of all that with my Galaxy S8 and sent it all through a email to EA, because he always mentions any forms of magic weather its a seal and information likes to know, i didn’t think after he didn’t show any interest, i was only thinking these are more inline with the 9th Gatekeeper Satan, how i was thinking it belongs with the 9th gatekeeper Satan well just go and take a good look at the Symbol of the 9th gatekeeper it looks like a inverted Pentagram a 5 pointed star, well reasons why i didn’t send by a shipping company is because Customs every mail gets sent has to go through customs they would gork at every page and end up getting ruined, no thanks not these forms of Black arts very dangerous and very highly volatile forms of magic, so i sent by email

I think you are a little to much conserned with the customs friend.
There is no way in hell that they will go through the Mail If you would send it in printed form.
The Mail would go through an x-ray machine and perhaps have trained Nato tics dog sniff along the line of a conveyer belt.
The customs only opens post when there is suspicion of a crime else they arnt allowed. And as long as you only print the pages and send all their machine will see is pappers which they wont care about and if the days of using drugs are behind you then that shouldnt catch the dogs interest and your letter will get there perfectly safe.
I have no idea where you get your ideas of customs thou there is simply no way they could have time to check all incoming mail inte a country.
And say they would open it to their would only be strange drawings and despite how hard you wanna argue the opposit im confide t nothing at all will happend from some random person looking at them.

I have just finished re doing most of the pentagrams in portrait style using Pacasa 3.9 still more to go, at the moment it looks beautiful to bad how the seals were done which i used a scanner, i wish there were a free program for PC that can Highly refine all those roughly draw into perfect geometry. Also i don’t own a printer yet, so when i do eventually purchase a printer im going for the Epson ET-7750 ecotank printer which does documents and also very high quality photo prints as well, reasons im reducing eventually printing in A4, so i don’t have to log around a 10 Kg A3 book and end up with bad back, it will still be increadibly potent with potential, so if i have to go somewhere quickly i will able to take away on holidays, I’ve done about 50.