My first time evoking Bune

On Friday I had finally felt like I could cobble together a fitting ritual combining several different methods I researched online.

Before starting the actual ritual, I journaled on what my needs and desires and goals were. What sources of income I had, there stability, my skills and potential growth for career paths. My industry is highly competitive but with a push in the right direction, could also give me the opportunity to spread the good name of Bune to a bigger audience. I tried to envision what success in my field would look like for me and what that would feel like. To be able to provide for me and my family without worry. The power that comes with true financial freedom. It’s all within my grasp.

I copied down Bune’s sigil, cast a circle, lit a candle, poured an offering of rum (good, hard to come by stuff) and homemade cookies, as I’ve heard Bune has a bit of a sweet tooth.

I invoked the name of Bune, repeating their name over and over again while I focused on the sigil. Eventually I felt a presence over my right shoulder. At first I was nervous and the atmosphere was tense, but then it lightened considerably, as if I was told to be at ease.

I read my petition, what I was looking for career wise, finance wise, and what I was willing to offer in return, specifying the safety of myself and my loved ones as paramount. Eventually the ritual felt over. I closed the circle and cleaned up.

Several hours later, a neighbor of mine who works in my industry texted me asking for help with house sitting for a few days while she was out of town. When I came to get the rundown yesterday, she offered me the potential opportunity to submit myself for work through her employer in the exact industry and title I asked Bune for help with. I am hopeful that as Bune and I continue to work together, i will
Continue to see increasing synchronicities that reveal Bune’s path for me.

All hail the great and wise Bune


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@anon59605236 Well done.

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