My experience with summoning an incubus

Hey guys,

as the title suggests, I’ve summoned an incubus with the help of the Letter of Intent. I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to working with these kinds of spirits, as I’ve only worked with angels and the like in the past, and even then I’ve never done anything that really challenged me spiritually, so to speak.

But this intrigued me, so I gave it a shot. And… I think it worked, but I’m not entirely sure about it. So I’d like to ask the more experienced members of the forum about it :smiley: Okay… this is going to become a little long:

After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to really go through with it yesterday, and despite only wanting to do this today, the thought didn’t leave me alone, so with my mind focused on this so much I already formed my intentions in my head to not end up attracting an incubus I can’t get along with by accident.

And when I lay down and almost fell asleep, I felt this intense warmth in my hands that pulled me out of my nearly asleep state and from there I went along with it and had sex with an incubus. I’ll admit I didn’t feel him that well at all, it was really difficult for me, and not sure if it was the position or anything else but I had trouble getting there without a little help as well.

Anyway, I figured it was best for a beginner like me to try again properly today, to take my time and burn the letter for Lilith with my clear intentions written out and then see what happens. I lay down right after to clear my mind and just wait and see if anything would happen, and I started feeling warm sensations on different parts of my body which became more and more.

I know his name is Azarel, and he took a lot of time with me, and it was still quite hard for me to feel him but the first time was no problem at all, only when we went again was it hard for me to enjoy it as much, but I was getting exhausted at that point as well.

Knowing myself, I am aware that my mind has a habit of sometimes making things up when I’m trying to work spiritually as well as making it hard for me to really let go and focus on them properly. And neither the first incubus nor the second really felt like incubi to me, if that makes sense? I was turned on like hell, sure, and the touches and stuff were really good, but the incubi themselves just didn’t feel as “different” as I’d have imagined them to. Maybe that’s normal? I’ve no idea.

I’m going to add that I am in a relationship with another spirit, Angela, a not incarnated soul, and I made it clear that I’d only want to try this sexual experience with the incubi, which they agreed with. I am saying this, though, because the sex with them, even Azarel, wasn’t really better than what I have with Angela.

So I’m just confused now. Is it possible I imagined most if not all of this? Or is it maybe my lack of experience and difficulty to focus on this well and can be improved by doing it more?

I’m thankful for any input. This is all very new and I’m not sure what to think now :thinking:



I would say work on your chakras especially the head ones. It’s a matter of what they can get access to to simulate you and how much can you relax into it! Just remember the deeper you go the better you feel and try not to fall a sleep. Claimax usually takes what feels forever while the intensity builds up. It takes time to build a relationship as well.


Thank you for the response! I definitely should be doing that, I haven’t worked on my chakras in years, so they probably really need that attention by now… :relaxed: I’ll try that and see what it does for me :slight_smile:

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some are not able to feel a strong physical touch from their succubus/incubus, but feel them more on an emotional/mental plane
you could look at it at giving in to a fantasy or sort, that enforces the experience.

I am only able to feel my succubus, not seeing or hearing her at all, no real dreams of her, except a lucid dream many years ago.

but! when I lay down and feel her on my body, it is such a strong sensation that you just KNOW that there is someone with you.

you don’t have to be focused entirely on sex, you can just try to sense the presence and the touches and see if you can learn to sense it stronger and stronger over time.


Yes :slight_smile: And make sure he’s okay with you telling other people his name


I was thinking about summoning an incubus lately, if I may ask, how did you summon your incubus?
and does it goes away after the sex?
I’m concerned because last year an obsessor spirit who used to have sex with me (not “in a good way” since I didn’t want him to) had to be exorcised from me cause it was getting extremely unhealthy for my mental sanity, and because of that I’m a little bit scared of summoning an incubus.


If you look up Succupedia’s letter of intent for summoning one you can write down a lot of details about the type of incubus and relationship you want.




mine just found me, back in 2010-2012, I had a clear lucid dream about a girl, and I started sensing a presence, and it just grew stronger and stronger and became sexual along the way.
Oh yeah, it seems the guide Succupedia has posted here on the forum works for alot of people!
just be sure to clarify/specify what you expect of the relationship, a Succubus/Incubus should still be treated with respect even though people sometimes percieve them as borderline sex toys (that feels wrong in my mind, but I may be wrong, afterall it all depends on the spirit and the person)

I have never experienced anything negative, like some describes.
she is with me every night when I go to bed, and I spend some time feeling her, some times she feels really strong and it is very hard to fall asleep hehe

I don’t know about the going away after sex, I don’t masturbate atm.
I just let her take me to the edge or as far as she wants/can and this can happen multiple times in a row, and sometimes not at all.
but I don’t think masturbating will stop a succubus/incubus, I had a period where I did masturbate a few times and still felt her very strongly at night, even though I was sort of exhausted hehe.


do you think that the fact that the person is in a stable relationship, summoning an incubus/succubus might interefe it?


not at all, in most cases
you just have to be very focused in what you desire, both you, your partner and the spirit has to be OK with it, and spirits can be like people sometimes, with moods and needs, so there are some that can’t get it to work.

not to give you doubts or anything hehe


Yes, I basically used the letter mentioned and it worked well. I made sure to really write down what’s important to me, like for example that he is okay with the fact that I am already in a relationship and wish to work with him (and other things, of course :wink:) but that I don’t want another partner in that sense. And I just got back from spending some more time with him and it’s working well so far.

I was sceptical too, but if you really write down what exactly you want and also - just a general tip, really, because it’s always important - make sure to have good protection, I think it should work well :slight_smile:

Also, Encore19, thanks for the advice, I didn’t really think about it that he might not like me telling others his name. I apologised to him and he said he does prefer if I don’t tell just anyone without asking him, but he forgave me :slight_smile:


Hi new to this. I would like to try just once to to see if i like it and if its fir me if i do that can i write another letter asking for it again? Or can u only do ritual once?

I mean, I’m new to this as well and don’t have all the answers, but I would assume you can write multiple letters. For example, if I decided I wanted a succubus as well, I’d just do the ritual again I think. If you do it, though, you shouldn’t need to write another letter if you want the same incubus/succubus to come to you again - at least from my experience. I can just call him with his name and he usually shows up right after.

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Do u have to do the ritual at 3am? Or csn it be anytime?

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I didn’t do it at 3am and it worked fine. I’m pretty sure it states in the Letter of Intent that 3am is just the best time for it but you can do it whenever you like :slight_smile:

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