My experience with Spirit Marriage

This post is neither a warning nor an invitation.

Some might describe it as an old tradition, others call it a fraud. But more than anything else spiritual marriage is a path that some people choose to walk, including me.

Choose to walk – It is not something that somebody can be forced into. Yes, a spiritual marriage might have existed before your current body was born, but you, as a human, are still free to choose whether to engage in this during this life or not. Spirit marriage does not make you a slave.

It does not enslave you or make you a spirit’s puppet, bound to their will, but it will not make you a super human either. You will still struggle, you will get that cold, you will still learn things the hard way.

So why would someone choose marriage? If I can improve my life with my own magick or with a pact, why would I dedicate myself to this particular spirit?

I can only talk for myself and I’m sure there are tons of different reasons out there.
However, if you work with a certain spirit for a while, you will get a feeling of whether that spirit and you get along well or not. Is the relationship purely business or have we developed a friendship?

Such a relationship might grow deeper and more personal.
When I learned to recognize the energy signature of the angel I ended up marrying, I noticed how their energy was clearly visible on working I had done in the past, without actively seeking his help.

This led me to dive deeper into my own story and it made me think about my own goals. What are my reasons for obsessing with certain things in my work?
My goals, my interests, my whole story was driving me closer and closer to that angel and I developed a deeper understanding of myself and of him.
I felt at home. From my perspective I can only describe that feeling with love.


Do I want to walkt hat path? And what does it even mean?
For me, it meant the decision to dedicate my life to that agenda I learned has already been part of me all the way. I could have continued working on these goals on a business or friendship basis, but I identified with them so much that I WANTED to grow and dive deeper.
Spirit marriage might look entirely different for other people, but for me it formed the perfect connection of my skills, my goals and my feelings.
I chose him. So I ended up marrying the Archangel Raphael.


No, I’m not the one and only, the one true love. I don’t even think these thoughts are important at all. He is not a human. I don’t waste my energy on comparing his reality to our views on human relationships.
Knowing that there are others who benefit from a relationship with him the same way I do does not affect my own success in any way.
I chose him, and he chose me, otherwise there would be no relationship. But this has nothing to do with our understanding of „being taken“, spirits don’t work that way.

So how do I benefit if I still struggle?
In a way he acts as a teacher to me. He prepares me for upcoming tasks where I work next to him.
He healed me – I asked him to – in a way I could have never imagined. And that hurt, oh yes it did. It shattered the world I thought I lived in into pieces and I’m still struggling to accept it. I’m not done.

He made me question my own goals and made me readjust them, so they benefit me more and I can grow even more. Growth can be ugly, but he is by my side.

I’d like to think that I see things clearly now, but don’t we always think that way until we realized that we didn’t? I’m excited for what’s about to come, because I know I can make it, with him by my side.
And that’s why I chose marriage, and would do it again.

Spirit marriage does not exist and I am deluding myself?
How so, if I can see his work unfolding in my life? I grow, I learn, our work is successful in a way I didn’t think possible, and I still feel at home.

The results speak for themselves. However, this does not stop me from reflecting on my actions and feelings, because he does not pamper me, and I can still make a wrong step.

I am not a slave, a puppet or a pet, I am human, and I am still free to make stupid mistakes.


I truly love this. Thank you for posting a raw truth post on this topic :two_hearts:

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Very interesting. You may know the case of Ida Craddock, who was married to an angel and wrote quite a bit of material about it.

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No actually I’m not familiar with many english speaking authors, I will look into it, thank you!

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Thank you for posting this! I agree to everything you said above. To be honest here I feel that those (from a personal experience) do have a tendency to forget that they are here on a “common ground” called being human. That also means that we will make mistakes and have areas that will need a bit of work to be done on it.

I remember some people I knew in real life that their marriage with spirits made them basically these “goddesses” that can get what ever they want. Honestly it just made me not want to even talk about stuff to them. They were basically so blind that they lost almost complete loss of reality. Just like any thing els in life, we can experience an obsession with spirits and especially with marriage to one. One even went as far as to believe that they were the “true” one for them.

Honestly it‘s grate to see this post and just a reminder about this stuff. Everyone is going to experience a different experience with that same spirit as the others and that’s ok. Something els to also add. Just because one person is experiencing something a bit differently does not make them wrong. What goes on between spirit A and person A is just that. If they choose to share then grate! But one the things I feel should never leave the table is respect. It’s hard especially if they are just coming out with it. There is a difference between a troll and a legit relationship.

So while some may seem “ignorant” they are learning a lesson through this and at times I feel by going that next step with that person, some times I feel it is a test to see their true authentic colors. When we work very close with spirit A for a while, naturally you’ll develop some type of relationship. So person A may seem like a very nice, generous and warm person. But as soon as they get into that type of relationship all the sudden it’s me, I and myself.

I to had a few personal relationships with some spirits and let me tell you, they don’t play easy. In fact I look at it like the Greek stories on how people like Hercules had to go through all those trials despite being half god. It showed that even a son of Zeus did not have it easy. In fact more was expected of him at times because Zeus knew he had that potential.

So definitely a yes on just because your married does not make you get the golden ticket. It does not make you all powerful and all knowing. If you have connections with some spirits already in life just know you may have worked your butt off for them.

A quote I want to share from another thread from this forum that I feel goes nicely.

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I have met some of those people too. I mean, I get it, you want to feel special and forget all the hardships you’ve been through and ignore all the challenges that are coming your way, but this attitude is setting you up for failure.

I think those people will realize it sooner or later, and I do hope their relationships will endure the bitter awakening.

Yes. While I do know that he has my back, he needs me to do my part, too. A healthy relationship is always give and take.


And totally agree with that. It’s a two way street persay lol

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This sounds like a really beautiful and meaningful connection. Congrats on making it work in this lifetime!

Out of sheer curiosity: I wonder what it’s like to have your soul husband, being one of the most powerful Archangels known to mankind, show you loyalty (if he does at all.) For example, if another human disrespects you in any way, does he do something to them in retaliation? I’ve heard of similar relationships with spirits who do terrible things to those who harm their beloved. Does yours do the same? Or is it different in the realm of angels and archangels?

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Well he certainly helped me cope with people and made someone go out of my way, and introduced better people into my life instead.
I never ask him to do something to people who harmed me.
All I ever ask is to make them realize their mistakes or make other people (coworkers for example) to discover these peoples’ true face, and that he has definitely done in the past.
I don’t really focus on punishing other people though, I always ask for an outcome that will benefit me most.

I have done baneful workings too, but not with him.


Such thing is possible. However, not real if the free will wasn’t respected. Let me explain. If such a union got made and you were not aware of it, (all levels ) then it’s not a free will that was respected, therefore an intrusion in your life.

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I agree.
Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see why a (powerful) spriit would do something like that against the person’s will though. I can’t imagine what they would gain from creating such a mess other than drama and hardships.

Hey, that’s all I’d ever wish on my enemies, so I don’t blame you for taking that route!

That definitely sounds like angels’ work. I’ve known of people who work with Lilith, and they have bragged about instances where people have done them wrong and they didn’t even have to ask for her intervention, they just sat back and let her do the damage (if you will.) I guess those relationships are more of a protective parent-child bond, instead of a spousal bond. But I digress…

Anyway, it sounds like you have a solid relationship there. As I’ve previously mentioned, congrats on making it work in this lifetime! Marriage is a full-time job no matter who you’re with, so good for you.

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Thank you, I really appreciate it!

It sure is. :smile:

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