My experience with life spells

Hello all I’m new to the forum. Glad to see a forum that is really active.

I’m a novice when it comes to Magick. I have done mainly jar work and have just started doing candle work.

I wanted to do a candle spell on my ex. We have been broken up for 3 months and we were talking on and off and as of last Saturday we have gone no contact. Her last line to me was “call me when you have changed”

I want to give you guys some background so you can understand. She is a Wicca. She showed me a lot of the things I know now. 2 years together and we got engaged. We have sigils tattooed on our ring fingers that represent our love for each other and our oath to be together forever. We also did our own fire ceremony and burned our petitions together in the fire. Fast forward to present day.

I had gotten severely depressed and unemployed it put a lot of strain on our relationship and we drifted apart due to me being a piece of shit. We broke up in December and she told me to get my shit together. Since than I’ve signed up for school and have rejoined the gym. Working part time and have also filed to see my youngest son. All these things are going great. She started messaging me again on Valentine’s Day. We messaged but she wants to see action and whatnot. Saturday she told me she needed to take a step back and told me to call her when I’ve changed.

Kelsey is a strong willed and independent woman. She has loved me like no other woman. I find myself obsessing over her in my mind and dreaming of her and constant feelings of her on my heart and a I feel the constant presence of something telling me she’s coming back. Whether that’s my emotion or actually hearing something Idk…

I had a tarot reading done today and it was good and made me feel good. I can share it with you guys if you want?

My question too you guys is do you think a possible love spell or reconciliation spell would work here? Should I do a spell where I quit thinking of her and move on? Should I ask for help from a demon or angel? In terms of our skill level we are both novices.

Only reason why I’m reaching out for help here is because when she told me “call me when you’ve changed” it resonated with me. She wouldn’t of said that if she didn’t mean it… sorry for the long post guys but felt I should provide you as much info as possible. Thank you

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Weclome @Nafan87. Please take a moment to post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

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