My Evocations So Far

So I have a magickal circle that was made by a friend of mine. Its E.A. Koetting’s Universal Circle just not made by him because of my lack of funds. It seems to be working pretty well for now but I’m hoping to buy one off of him when I get the money. I don’t use any candles and do my evocations indoors (I am a college student so not fire in the dorms and not much-secluded place near me to do it outside). I believe I am starting to feel a presence when I do evocation though nothing physical appears and if it has a message for me I can never really make it out. Trusting myself has been the hardest part of Evocation so far and I was wondering if you all could give me some tips?
Thank You!

If we become increasingly humble about how little we know we may be more inclined to search. Sir John Templeton Moral is keep learning and keep evoking.

Proper previous preparation prevents piss poor performance. Dick Marcinko Founder DevGru Moral is plan, plan, plan.

First, If you haven’t already:

Then search this BALG forum about Evocation. There is plenty of help and tips here by friendly people.

My advice is to work on your visualization, meditation, and lucid dreaming skills. Use your imagination to create a peaceful, ideal place in your mind (an astral temple) to do your rituals. And believe/trust in yourself that the spirits hear you. They are there, you just can’t sense them. With practice you will get better.

I’ve Introduced myself before and Thank you very much! I’m going to try more. I’ve been getting results.
I love evocation and I want to get better. I do meditation but Idk how to lucid dream atm I’ve been trying though.

Oh, Sorry. I didn’t recognize you. Just keep trying. I also suggest that you start with King Paimon. He is a teacher. He will help you.

Thank you so much! Also, I’m trying to explain Evocation vs Invocation to someone, Have any advice on the best way to do that?

I hope this helps for a start: