My evocation of Azazel

I sat in darkness. I lit a white candle and chanted the mantra to awaken my psychic abilities: Om Namah Shivayay (Pronounced: OHM NAAMAAH SHIVAIYAY). Once I felt I was ready I begun to chant: Azazel, Azazel, I have felt your call. Azazel, Azazel I evoke and invoke your lightness and your darkness. Azazel, Azazel, he who taught man to make weapons and to defend themselves, I call to you. Azazel, Azazel, Promethean figure of divine knowledge, please come to me. Azazel, Azazel, teach me to be as a god. Azazel, help me see past the veil into divine knowledge and wisdom. Azazel, Azazel, teach me to open my eyes. Azazel, come, speak with me.

I felt the atmosphere get somewhat warmer. I saw him, stand before me, in the static rain.
I am here he stated, in a low pitched voice. I spoke up and said Azazel, I have called you forth, because I have felt your growing presence in my life and I wish to speak with you.
I have come to you because I am interested in your development. I will teach you necromancy and to embrace yourself as divinity. I immediately felt his Promethean aspect click with me, as a sort of statement of “this is the aspect of myself which you will work with.”
I asked him about the constant asking for rootbeer, which he did confirm he asked for and enjoyed. He then instructed me to call forth shades of death, which he acted as an intermediary for, for my personal safety and interests. I picked up on four skeletal beings in my room, cloaked in a poisonous mist.

Shades of death a good for primarily two things” he stated. “Either to accelerate your ascent and evolution, or the destruction of another. Treat these beings with respect, do not bind them against their will, as have others. Request what you wish of them, now.” I asked for their assistance in my evolution in return for a price. They departed.

As Azazel left, he seemed pleased for now. Remember, he said. You’re the seed.


Thanks for sharing :pray:t3:

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Azazel is great glad to see more ppl call upon him lately


root beer dude he loves sweet sugar foods and drinks I have the urge to drink soda and eat cake donuts etc when calling him glad this is confirmed


Thanks for sharing! Yesterday I signed my pact with him, it was very simple, since I can’t practice evocation at home. He seemed pleased. At night, I could feel his presence, and became
paralyzed. Then, I felt like an electric shock running through all of my body. Especially hands, feet, and chest area. Idk what happened, but it was cool.


The electricity thing sounds like what happens when people do astral projection, i think you were close to having an out of body experience. Research “Vibration stage Astral Projection” and you’ll see what i mean


I’ll check it out

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Hey, I’ve had past experiences but I have no idea who it was.

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What was the price?

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He probably offered him food or something.