My bullshit meter is going off a little bit

So when i was just starting out i was invoking dantalion a bit. Lately ive been working with DoM getting pretty good interactions w spirits, but ive had some activity in my home outside of rituals.

today i asked my pendulum if it was a spirit in my house. Heres how it went

Is there a spirit present?
Ans: yes
Do you wish to help me?
Ans yes
Does this relate to something specific?
Ans yes
Me: do you have a name
Ans: yes
Went thru a few letters til i hit D
Ans: yes
Me: is your name Dantalion?
Ans: no

So i did some research looking for spirits starting w D. Asked a bunch & got No for everything. So i started going thru the alphabet again.

Ans: yes
Me: A?
Ans: yes

At this point im thinking aint no way. I asked if the name was dantalion, and it said yes.

Im getting the feeling this is an imposter spirit. I havent evoked dantalion in a while.

So whatll happen if i evoke dantalion using DoM and ask him directly? If my intuition is correct will he take care of the imposter?

Thanks in advance everyone.


If you feel there’s an imposter or paranormal activity going on, as you stated previously, then banish it:

:woman_shrugging:t5: The only way to find out is to call on him and ask. We can speculate all day but you won’t know until you ask.


I do regular banishing, cleansing & even have luna stick around. Ive had spirits pop up from time to time, but last night i felt like i was held down i could kick my legs still but not anything else.

If it is dantalion, this sure is a strange way of getting my attention.

I saw somewhere on here that if an imposter is caught by the entity theyre pretending to be, its basically a death sentence thats why i want to evoke him. I jus dont know how to word my statement of intent

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when was working with pendulum(stil doing)i had this issue too.
learn a few banishing rituals and work on them.
make also shields for yourself,and keep calm over all
Good relationships with an entity and asking for protection is good too(for me Lucifer)

To be completely honest, I think the issue here is your usage of the pendulum. One of the points of evocation is to enable more direct communication with spirits. Using something like a pendulum or even tarot cards will only interfere with the development of your spiritual senses. I do tarot readings all the time, but tarot is tarot. When I summon demons in ritual magick, I allow the demons to be present within my mind.

If you aren’t at that level yet, you won’t get there by relying on something like a pendulum.

During the evocations i ask the questions & communicate still in my head. Its honestly helped my clairaudience the most in addition to the rituals.
In time i think it wont be necessary to use one but for now im sticking with it.

This line of questioning to this spirit was outside of a ritual. Which is why i question whether its actually dantalion or not. Doesnt seem like him from my experience.

I only tried the first ritual (for results) from DoM. Not the full evocation.

The book is filled with “safety nets,” like the ritual to assume authority, the callings, the license to depart, etc. So I find it extremely odd that you’d somehow attract a parasite. It’s unusual.

If you got the Magickal Protection book, try doing the Sword Banishing before the ritual so you ensure you’re “clean” before you begin. Don’t do it again right after, but maybe do it before going to sleep that night to ensure undesired entities are kept away.

If you haven’t done the Master Protection Ritual, try it. You’ll ensure you get rid of parasites with that.

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Before i started using the book i was just sitting down with candles, chanting the enn & sigil gazing. I think this carried over from doing that a while back - and getting little to no results.

That’s a possibility! Other spirits might have felt drawn to you and be around you from before.

Do a banishing (with any method you like), and then start over following the instructions in DoM just as they are.

Had i not done a ritual fairly recently id just call dantalion and ask him. But yea i jus bought that book by damon brand & gonna start doing that ritual everyday

Im leaning towards it being an imposter, cuz it went silent after i told it id just evoke him with my book. Didnt seem to like that.

I trust my intuition man.

How about… you evoke Dantalion using the method in DoM, and you tell him about the situation?

If there’s an impostor, a parasite, or a trickster spirit impersonating him, he won’t like it and he’ll take care of it himself.

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I did have an experience once when working this magick when a malicious entity came into my presence one evening, claiming to be one of the demons. I invoked the Godnames and commanded it to leave at once.

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I was gonna put it off since im kinda tired but i took your advice. I was right lol

Soon as i asked if he talked w me earlier he said no so i explained the situation. My candles all started flickering like crazy and i could feel his wrath. Then a voice clear as day said calmly to me “we have zero tolerance for this”

Since i had him on the line i asked if hed like to help me out and he said “you dont need my help currently, you will know when next to call me” and boy i feel so relieved. Glad i did this tonite & didnt wait. And man i felt him come to me quick everything went still for what seemed like forever and all the hairs on my body stood up

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Ive had spirits reach out to me before in the form of their names being stuck in my head but they wouldnt speak until i called them.

Tonite taught me an important lesson. These spirits have a lot of pride in what they do. Being sarcastic, vague or anything that seems low for them will not happen with real demons and my intuition should always be trusted.

My space already feels like it has changed. I have no pity for this imposter and i hope hes being thrown in the deepest abyss for entering my temple in this fashion.