Mottled Magic: My Grimoire of Spells, Oils, Sigils, and More

Money Honey

To be used to anoint objects such as candles for drawing money.

  • 1/2 tbsp Black tea
  • 2 tsp Sugar
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tbsp Cardamon
  • 1 Star Anise
  • 2 tsp Nutmeg
  • 2 tbsp hot or warm water
  • 1/2 tbsp Honey

Jar Spell for Home Renewal

This spell is to help usher positivity and connect to a new home, not just a house. It is also specifically made to help guide the process towards the most positive outcome. If you are house-hunting, this will make houses you think you want but may not be good for you until fall through you find one that’s the best result available. It’s a bit ruthless, but it has helped me get the perfect house that I live in now.

Small Clear Bottle/Jar with cork

Fill half the jar with:

  • Basil (money, home life)
  • Thyme (influence)
  • Rosemary (grounding, calm)
  • Mint (influence, calm)
  • Witch Hazel (positive, outcome, ushering)
  • Saffron (positivity, power)
  • Chamomile (calm, positivity)

Fill 2/3 with olive oil (power, strength, money)

Seal with green and white wax. (home, money, cleansing, new beginnings)

Burn Patchouli incense (money, positivity, influence)


Quick Money Spell

This is to bring in quick money, in small increments. Largest about 500 USD or so, mostly to help with things such as gas, groceries, etc when you’re a little short.

Burn Bay Leaf, Basil, and Cinnamon on charcoal.

Cleanse a green candle in the charcoal smoke. Anoint it with Money Honey. Light the candle.

Cleanse a paper currency of your preference in the smoke. Anoint it with Money Honey. You can use any amount of currency, but only as long as it doesn’t harm your finances.

Roll up the money, cut twine, and wrap it tightly so that it won’t unravel. Leave it on the altar or in another sacred space.

Cleanse another paper currency in the charcoal smoke. Fold it in half and keep it in your wallet. Do not spend it.


Attraction Bath Spell

Increases libido and attracts a lot of attention.

Put in a bath rose petals, rose water, hibiscus petals, passion fruit tea, lavender, gardenia petals.

Add to your shampoo and conditioner rose petals, rose oil, and rose water.

Bathe like this once a week for at least 6 months (preferably a year) and you will become irresistible to many people. Bathe like this the night before you have a date or want to impress someone, as well.

You can also wash your hands and face a bowl filled with water, rose petals, lavender, gardenias, and three drops olive oil, but it may not be as potent.

Additional Attraction Spell

Use the bathing method above. Collect all your used herbs and dry them. Put them in a jar and burn a red candle on top to seal it. Burn Dragon’s Blood incense once a week. If you have a specific person in mind, add their name and/or picture to the jar.


Self-Anointing Oil for Attraction

In an eye dropper bottle add:

  • Jasmine
  • Rose petals
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • 2-3 drops Rosewater
  • Sandalwood
  • Frankincense
  • Musk

Fill with a carrier oil (avoid olive oil, but it’s ok if you have no other options. Best is grapeseed)

Dab one drop under your chin. And rub it all over your jawline and neck.


Desire Oil

To make someone else desire you.

  • Rose petals
  • Hibiscus petals
  • Pomegranate seeds
  • Poppy seeds
  • Poppy flowers
  • Crushed sandalwood
  • Brown sugar
  • Sugar

Fill with Grapeseed oil


Desire Spell

Using the Desire Oil, consecrate pink or red candle with oil, then consecrate picture or name of target with oil.

Light candle and burn the picture(s), instilling your will in the fire. You may say something like “Your heart will burn for me, your desire burns for me.” Masturbate thinking about them.


Transformation Spell

To aid in glamour spells, astral transformation, to bring transformative opportunities to you for beauty or image purposes (weight loss, weight gain, hair cuts/color, surgery, hormone therapy, etc) and more.

Use the Transformation Oil to anoint a green candle and a black candle.

Anoint a black mirror with the oil. Draw a sigil representing your desired result and burn it. As it burns, whisper to the mirror your desired result over and over until you fall into a trance. In your trance, sculpt the image you desire in your mind, imagine that it burns, and as it burns, it manifests in reality.

Let the candles burn out.


Trans-Masculine Charm Bag

To create and radiate masculinity, especially with sanguine sex appeal. Carry it with you on your person, such as in a backpack, portfolio, briefcase, pocket, or hung from your belt. As the name suggests, this is made specifically with being transgender FtM in mind.

  • Dark Blue or Purple Sachet or cloth (masculinity & mystery)
  • Hibiscus Flowers (To Be Attractive)
  • Leather (Masculinity)
  • Blood Root (Masculinizing)
  • Charcoal & Sea Salt (Cleanse Dysphoria)
    • Add any of these for Masculine Features**
      • Cedar (Masculine Strength)
      • Dragon’s Blood (Masculine Sexuality)
      • Garlic (Masculine Leadership)
      • Hawthorne (Masculine Sexuality)
      • Holly (Masculine Protectiveness)
      • Hops (To Carry Oneself)
      • Cinnamon (Masculine Energy)
      • Hyssop (Masculine Chastity)
      • Fern (Handsome-ness)
      • Persimmon (Boyhood)
      • Ginger (Boyhood)
  • Animal bones
    • I used snake bones as it is an animal I am personally attached to for spiritual reasons. You should use the bones of an animal you are attached to, if possible. Otherwise, I would recommend shark teeth or canine bones in general.

Burn Musk Incense (masculinity & masculine attraction)
Burn Midnight Lover Incense (masculine sex appeal)

If you are using a cloth instead of a sachet, tie it off using purple, black, or dark blue thread.

** Please don’t just shove everything on the list into a bag. Know your limits and hone what you specifically desire. Sometimes, less is more.


Nightmare Relief Spell Jar

In a jar, collect rainwater. Add barley, eucalyptus, rosemary, and bayleaf into the jar. Add a Raven or Pigeon’s feather into the jar. Wrap twine around the lip and tie more pigeon or raven feathers to help carry away the nightmares. After the feathers have been tied, seal with white or lavender wax. You also may carve or paste a sigil into the top of the wax to help keep nightmares away after they have been carried off.

I designed this simple sigil for the spell or you can make your own

“My Nightmares Will Leave Me”



Leave The Past Behind Jar

This jar is to bury the past and its misery and offer a fresh start. Adapted from another spell I did to cleanse for the New Year. Can be used for curse-breaking.

On black paper, write the details of your choice, i.e. “This curse is broken” or “The past is behind me.” Roll it up and bind with white thread. Cleanse the paper with incense, preferably Frankincense or Myrrh. Burn the paper and mix the ashes with salt. Mix with moonwater in a jar or otherwise purifying water. Add rosemary, mugwort, sage, thistle, and three drops of olive oil.

It’s fine if it’s not all the way full, especially for large jars.

Seal with black and white candles.

Before the wax dries, add poppy seeds to the top.

If you worship any gods associated with the sun and/or moon, ask them to bless you and this jar for purification and removal. For those who are of the Norse pantheon, you can ask Hati and Skoll to devour the past year on the last day of the year, as that was the original intention of this jar.


To Break a Curse

Get a bowl of water.

Add rosemary, mint, vinegar, and sea salt.

Stir counterclockwise.

Scry the shapes the mint and rosemary make. They can tell you the source of the misfortune that has come upon you.

Dip your fingers into the water and draw an X on your brow, thinking or saying out loud “Curse begone and curse be broken.”

Draw another X on your chest, an area on your back that you can reach, on your stomach, rear, knees, tops of the feet, and lastly the tops of your hands. Rub your hands together. Dip your fingers into the bowl and flick the water all around you in a circle. Clap your hands loudly three times when you face the front again.

Pour out the bowl. Then spit where you poured it out.

Cleanse the room or house with smoke.

If you cannot use smoke, mix vinegar, water, rosemary, and mint in a spray bottle and spray around the house. Do not use the water from the bowl. Some spray bottles can get stuck if there’s leaves in it. You can instead put rosemary and mint inside a teabag to prevent this.


Return to Sender

Fold an origami envelope the color of your choice. Black and red are best for curses, grey is best for reflection.

Add in the envelope rosemary, sage, thistle, black salt, cedar wood, and a pigeon feather.

Seal the envelope with wax.

If you know the name of your target, write it on the front of the letter.

Draw sigils on the envelope if you desire.

Cleanse the letter in smoke, and say to yourself “Return this spell to one who sent it” as many times as needed. Burn the letter and scatter the ashes.

If you make your own paper or stain your own paper, soaking your paper with rosemary, mint, and some vinegar will be an additional boost of cleansing and returning.


Return, Reflect, Regret Candle Spell

To return negativity and hexes to an individual and amplify their regrets or guilts.

On a window sill or somewhere facing the outside, carve “return, reflect, regret” into a black candle. Anoint the candle with a cleansing oil. Set candle on top of a mirror. Surround the mirror with clear quartz and black stones (black tourmaline, jet, onyx, smoky quartz, etc). These are amplifiers as well as to absorb negativity. Light candle and chant “return, reflect, regret” until the words you carved into it are gone.

If you have the name or face of a specific person, burn their name in the candle’s flame.


Poppet Decoy & Reflection

Creating a poppet to act as a decoy for negativity and curses.

Create a poppet using cloth that is white, black, or a color you personally resonate with.

Stuff poppet with:

  • Mirror (reflecting back)
  • Quartz (protection)
  • Rosemary (cleansing)
  • Charcoal (absorption)
  • Grass, Hay, or Alfalfa (dummy)

Light protective incense or herbs (I suggest rosemary and bay leaf) and cleanse all mirrors in your home (including makeup and compact mirrors). Place compact mirrors in locations you want to protect. Place the poppet in an unprotected location.


Cleansing Spray

To banish negativity and cleanse a space

Mix half cup water and half cup white vinegar in spray bottle.

In a teabag, add rosemary and mint.

Add lemon juice.

Add 10-15 drops banishment/cleansing oil. You can also use holy oil and ask your patron saint for protection.


Bad Luck Curse

  • Back Candle
  • Graveyard dirt from an ill-kept grave
  • Snake bones
  • Snakeskin
  • Rattlesnake rattle
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Black pepper
  • Sulfur
  • Piece of Burlap
  • Twine

Carve the target’s name into the candle.

Light the candle.

Crush the rattle, bones, skin, sulfur, red pepper, black pepper, together. Mix with Graveyard dirt. Wrap it with the burlap and twine. Pour the black candle wax over the burlap to seal the holes and lock the contents inside. Give it to your target, burn it, or bury it at a crossroads. If your enemy ever opens the bag, it will act as an additional curse to bring them physical pain and discomfort.


Bookmarked, this is fucking awesome happy tears :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Thank you so much for posting these!
edit: I wanted to ask, if there’s an ingredient I don’t have, say wormwood, is it okay to skip it or is every element important?


Any time you replace or skip an ingredient you are changing it in some way. However, I also argue that the fundamental ingredient is also changed: the caster. You recreating these spells instead of me has a different cognition, reason, and Magic than I do and did. So you can replace or skip, but it is inherently a slightly different spell.

Discern what ingredients are important and skippable yourself, because that also changes. Hyssop is important in holy and biblically aligned spells and probably shouldn’t be skipped because it’s a biblical ingredient, but you can replace, say, lemon rind with orange or lime for a “sting” in a curse.

They’re like recipes. You can skip rosemary in a pasta dish, but it won’t taste the same even if you like it. But you can’t skip the pasta, otherwise it’s not pasta.


Ahh got it. Thank you!

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