More success money spells from ME!

I am giving these spells for site members, I’m sharing things I normally wouldn’t share so please use with respect and care. And don’t destroy what they are meant for or ruin what you create using them.
Thanks Blond

1. The Money Magnet Spell
Created for moments when we want to sell something, improve situations at work, or to get out of debt.
Do this spell during at night, during the crescent moon.

Things you need

  • An empty wine glass

  • Two [black candles]

  • A handful of white rice

  • Coins

    1. We start by lighting the two candles that should be located one on each side of the wine glass.
    2. At the bottom of the cup, we place a small magnet.
    3. Then, we take a handful of white rice and place it in the cup.
    4. After this, we need 12 coins with a random value. It has to be 12 coins because each coin represents one month in a year.
    5. Finally, we let the candles burn until the end.

It is essential that everything mentioned above is done in a hidden place, somewhere at home.

2. Attract Wealth For Others
This spell with help someone near you become a magnet for wealth. It can be a friend, our partner, or a family member. This spell can be carried out at any time of the day, but it is extremely important that the person benefiting from it is not aware of this, since it could cause the opposite effect.

Things you need

  • A small glass, bottle or container with a lid

  • [Bay leaves]

  • Seven coins

  • A [black candle]

  • A piece of paper

  • A pencil

    1. First, we light the black candle and place it in front of the jar.
    2. Next, we insert seven bay leaves one by one, repeating on each occasion the name of the person we want to help.
    3. Then we take seven coins and put them in the jar all at once. By doing this we request for the money to reach that person in one fell swoop.
    4. On a small piece of paper, we write the name (with a pencil) of the person we want to help and leave it in the jar.
    5. Finally, we use the lid to close it and let the ritual end until the entire candle burnt down.

3. Black Magic Money Ritual
This is a straightforward ritual that will help you attract wealth with some basic ingredients.

Things you need

  • Sandalwood

  • Purified water

  • A rosary

  • A [black candle]

    1. First, we need a glass with purified water or mineral water.
    2. Put it in a place that is full of sunlight. We need to do this because sunlight purifies water.
    3. Next, we put the glass of water together with sandalwood under the bed.
    4. Then you roll a rosary around your hand and you go to sleep while holding it!
    5. Once the place is cleaned, I suggest that you place plants that attract the money in corners of the house. Then call wealth by holding a black candle around these plants.

One of the best plants is [pachiras]

4. Two Minutes Wealth Attraction Ritual
If you want something that works immediately, you need to try this one.

Things you need

  • Coins of different currencies

    1. Place them on the floor. They shouldn’t touch each other, and others shouldn’t see them.
    2. While you’re placing them, you need to repeat this prayer:
      The money placed on the ground quickly attracts more money to the door of my house

5. Four Candles, 1 Bill Money Ritual
You only need 3 simple things to make it work.

Things you need

  • Four Candles
  • A bill
  • Coins

1. Place 4 candles in a rectangle position.
2. In the center of this rectangle place a bill with coins around it.
3. While putting these coins on a bill whichever prayer you want. Or use the the same prayer from
4. The one above The money placed on the ground quickly attracts more money to the door of my house

6. Black Magic Money Ritual
This powerful ritual requires water from the nearest river. River water acts as a portal to powerful energies from our and other worlds. You must NOT use tap or bottled water!

Things you need

  • River water.
  • A sheet of parchment paper.
  • A green marker.
  • A glass jar.

1. With the green marker write on the parchment paper these magic words: “Adra Adarah Darah Dra. 10 times richer. 100 times richer. 1000 times richer.”
2. Fold the sheet four times and place it inside the glass jar.
3. Pour the river water into the jar reciting this magic formula ten times:
“Adra Adarah Darah Dra. The waters of fortune will bring abundance. There will be no more poverty. Only abundance.”
4. Keep the (open) jar on your bedroom windowsill for ten consecutive nights.
5. On the eleventh day, at dawn, go to a river, turn the water in the can upside down and keep the paper.
6. Let the paper dry on the sun for a whole day.
7. Take the paper and, kiss it and say: “You will bring me luck and abundance.”
Keep the sheet in a place in your home where nobody can find it (but possibly not indoors).


Eliminate Poverty/Debt

Things Needed:

  • Black chime candle
  • Salt
  • Crushed red peppers
  • Sage oil or any oil that repels negativity
  • Calamus root
  • Agrimony (herb)
  • Image of yourself
  • Sharp tool to carve the candle with

1. During the waning moon, cast a strong circle of white light. Imagine this light coming from the Earth and entering your space, attaching itself to the walls. If you want you could call upon any deity or angel you want or simply do the spell as is.

2. Cleanse all your tools that ever way you want. Take the black candle with your hand of power and say that this black candle will do as I say, you will get the job done for me in getting rid of poverty from my life. You may work together with the other herbs and elements that is working together with me during this spell.

3. Grab the sharp tool and carve Banish Poverty From Me,when you are doing that imagine poverty fleeing away from you. Imagine you being able to pay all bills on time and not worrying about earnings. Imagine the word Poverty running away from you and your Dwelling.

4. Take the image of yourself and place it in the center of your alter. Around your picture you will sprinkle counter clock wise the Agrimony ( this will dispel negativity that is near you). Now dress your candle with oil, after that dress it with the crushed red peppers, pieces of calamus root. When applying the herbs, roll the candle AWAY from you because you are getting rid of something.

5. Sprinkle the salt around your alter in a circle formation to protect this charm. You want this spell to work whole force without any negativity energies hindering its own strength. Light your candle and say three times:

  • I stand here today to
  • Eliminate poverty That’s in my life
  • I stand here today to
  • Banish poverty from me in anyway
  • With all the power in me
  • All the energy in this candle
  • All the power in these herbs,
  • May it operate within the speed of light
  • Get poverty far, far away from me
  • Through no injury of course
  • Banished is poverty That’s now gone from me
  • As I will it, so mote it be

Un-cast your circle your spell is currently done. Trust and believe that your strong desire will come true. Say thanks to a deity or angel in the event you called for one.

Solve a Money Problem Fast

Things Needed:

  • Black candle ( taper or chime )
  • A candle holder
  • Heliotrope oil
  • Dragon’s blood incense
  • A pin

1. Light the Dragons Blood incense and set the censer in your altar. Using the pin inscribe the black candle with these words: money and prosperity or you may use different words that bring money ( you can also use the Theban Alphabet to inscribe the words on the candle if you want … it works better ). While doing this concentrate on what you would like to achieve with this spell … put your goal in it .

2. Once the candle is inscribed take the heliotrope oil and anoint the candle by rubbing the oil on it and while doing so think again in the problem you have and imagine your energy going into the candle. Now place the candle on a holder on your own sanity and get on your knees and invoke the Goddess to come to your aid by saying: ( you can cast your circle for security if you need)

  • Maiden, Mother, Crone
  • Gaining, waxing, waning
  • Crescent, Dark and Full
  • Sacred Dance, Sacred Chants
  • Journey and Dream
  • Cast down your love
  • Upon my sacred time
  • I call to you growing, growing
  • Gaining, waxing, understanding

3. When you have completed concentrate and talk the following:

  • Goddess I’m desperate
  • Hear my plea !
  • Humbly and Hopefully
  • I ask of thee
  • To solve my money problems
  • And to help me !
  • Please send me what I want

4. After this ask the Goddess in your own words what exactly you need money for and beg her to help you .To make sure that there are no side effects for this spell say:

By The Power of 3 times Three
In no way shall this spell backfire for me
Or have another effect than what I want it to be !
This is my will so mote it be !
Hold the burning candle in your hands for another moment and after that put it onto a holder on your altar . Thank the Goddess with this formula:

  • Blessed Be my Good Goddess
  • The ritual is done, the magick has been cast
  • Within my heart you stay
  • Abundant of energy that you sustain
  • Depart with love,
  • Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again !
  • So mote it be !

5. Allow the candle burn for a couple of moments and then extinguish it with your hands or a candle snuffer but DON’T BLOW ON IT.

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Get More Money

Things Needed:

  • Three yellow candles
  • Frankincense incense
  • One dollar bill
  • Zest from an orange, lime or lemon

1. Cast your magic circle. It should contain a pentagram with the spirit point facing north.

2. Place the three yellow candles on the fire, earth and spirit points of your pentagram and light them in a clockwise motion.

3. Light the incense.

4. Pass the one dollar bill through the incense smoke, then put it at the middle of your pentagram.

5. Visualize your goal. Imagine the bill in front of you multiplying into tall piles. Picture spending the money on things you need, and prudently investing what you do not.

6. Sprinkle the orange, lime or lemon zest in a clockwise turning over the 1 dollar bill. As you do, recite the following incantation:

  • Sun in the east

  • if it be your will

  • Multiply now

  • This one dollar bill

  • With help for many

  • And harm to none

  • On this sunny morning

  • Let my will be done

7. Close your magical circle.

8. Snuff out the candles in a clockwise rotation.

9. Maintain the dollar bill in your wallet for a complete week. It may be helpful to mark it with a pencil in the very upper right corner simply to make certain you can distinguish it from the rest.

10. After the week is up, think carefully about what you use it to help purchase. Things of necessity or practical use will reinforce your karma, and for that reason the potency of the spell; items that are less practical may diminish your karma.

11. You can expect money to come easier and in bigger quantities within three days of casting the spell. If the dollar used in the ritual is lost or spent before the week is up, the spell’s effect will wear off immediately.



Could you please answer some of my questions regarding: 4. Two Minutes Wealth Attraction Ritual spell? Is the number of coins or their nominal value relevant to the effectiveness of the spell, also in case I don’t see it manifesting soon enough should I repeat the spell or just be patient?

Thank you in advance for your answers

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3 coins, is all I ever used in this spell, while your thinking is the main manifestation of this, value does have a piece, so does mind frame and thoughts, going with lower domination of currency with coins, can cause an effect of less to nothing it may seem, coming back to you. Increasing your vibrations before preforming this spell. 1. hold the coins in the left hand, meditate how you’d like to receive the money and how much, 3 to 15 minutes, if you feel nothing after meditation redo the meditation till you feel a connection with the coins and your magic, or the energy from the coins. Then preform the spell, also for best effects depending on how many currencies your using, I’d make a triangle with them or a circle, and no one should know of your doing this spell or see the coins you have used during the spell. After spell is is casted put the coins in a pouch or something to hide them and tuck them away, no one sees or finds them, dark place. It is a white magic spell, which does have time frames if your energy and vibrations are strong enough, 1 to 14 days high vibrations with the spell. and 30 to 45 days with medium vibrations to the spell, medium as in feeling a little in tune with what you did.

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Thank you for the clarification. Could you please also let me know whether only one “set” of coins can be active at one moment and should I leave them in my hidden place indefinitely or do they require occasional “recharging”?

after the money is received no longer needed to be hidden, and if you choose to recharge it, that is fine too. and to reuse the coins over again for another casting, best to purify them in salt any kind for 24 for 48 hours to cleanse them pure for the next casting. and you can cast with more sets of coins as well, but for instance you dont wanna cast another one for lower amount of money, or to much larger to interrupt what you have going on now for the same thing, unless its for another issue or cause or purchase. If for the same thing you can set as many active sets as you like but stick to the same focus for money amount to increase it’s power of coming to you in some way faster.

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Thank you.