Money itself For Money Spells and New Moon

Say all ya got is just some money ($1, $5, $10,$20, $100), some different incenses and candles (green, gold, blue)

What would y’all recommend as a way to go about this?

Also tommorow is the new moon and was wondering who here has done New Moon spells before?


Go to this site and do the New Moon Abundance Check ritual. It worked for me a couple times. I didn’t get rich, but some cash did manifest when I needed it.

Basically, you fill out the check on the New Moon. Put it away. Then, you burn the check on the Full Moon. You can easily modify this ritual by adding blood to the check, a statement of intent, make a pact, draw various sigils, whatever you feel makes sense to add power to the ritual.


what a funny thing; I just saw this, but without the added stuff you put in. Will do; thank you very much!

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It was a family custom to turn all your coins over on the New Moon, just go in your wallet or coin purse (this was usually a female thing) and shake out the coins, then return them with the other side up. I guess you could take out notes and straighten them, and turn them round so they face a different way.

This is also the last New Moon before the Solstice, making the next fortnight the last time this year both “lights” will be increasing, so bear that in mind for Solar magick and growth magick in general.