Mercury Dolius?

I read Mercury Dolius helps with Worker’s Comp and unpaid wages.
How does one contact this spirit? Prayer? Blue candle and Wednesday prayer? I came across a square number, but never seen that before. I even looked in Wikipedia about this spirit, but not much on it. Anyone have info?

I do not have an answer, but I will bump this up to recent posts. (bump)

I provide this information based on experiences and own Gnosis, take what you consider for your support and building:
Rule over rituals and magic to pass exams, improve the mind,
concentration, mental power, learning ability, communication,
writing, advertising, media affairs, gossip, slander,
defamation, interviews, brothers, sisters, neighbors, rumors, robberies, all areas of studies and communications, astral projection, overcoming
of addictions, breaking habits.
Candle colors: Violet and indigo.
Mercury rules on Wednesdays.
Mercury is from the Air element.
Mercury rules the throat chakra.
Incenses for Mercury: Nutmeg, almond, storax,
sandalwood, lavender, benzoin, bergamot, mint, sage, sweet pea and lily of the

With this conceptual basis, plan how to project your energy to achieve the symbiosis and support it requires. It’s been a pleasure!

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As far as I know, I (re)discovered him, I was reading about ancient Rome and happened across his name and ancient qualities as a god of welfare, insurance, all systems where people pay into a communal pot for times of need, and also basically for free handouts as well (so even food banks).

I wasn’t able to find more than the archeological stuff I linked, the large hat, and so on, and I took the candles directly from his own guidance.

So, he is an ancient and traditional deity, with those exact attributes, I’ve not neo-paganed him into something :smiley: but so far there’s not a lot of info about him outside what I posted.

His Seal, DOLIUS on a Kamea of Mercury, excuse wobbly lines, I drew it by hand in photoshop:


@Lady_Eva You mentioned this little known lesser demi-god named Dolius, an epithet of Mercury. I scoured the internet for hours looking for information on this god. The ONLY thing I found that even mentioned his name was this:

Dolius is listed towards the top of page 264

Mercury Dolius was actually very approachable, that is remarkable when you think about his obscurity.