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Thanks so much to Great President Marbas for helping my wife in overcoming her illness.

I did the ritual of evocation on Wednesday night and asked Great President Marbas to help me heal my wife from her strong flu and coughing that brought her very tired and depressed for several days. The instructions were clear: he had to help me eliminate the disease from her body during that night so that upon waking she would feel good.

He asked me for two coins in return. (I felt confused and unsure if that was what he really wanted, but the next day he sent me a very clear sign that the two coins were exactly what he had requested in return. I cannot make public how that sign was given, due to the personal circumstances around it, but it was solid and kinda funny)

That same night of the ritual my wife sweated profusely and woke up without discomfort. Her illness had been cut in a matter of five hours. She still remained coughing from time to time during the day, but her mood shot through the clouds. The improvement was evident. I still hadn’t payed my debt at that time, but on Thursday night I paid him the two coins he wanted, wrapping them in a paper with the Marbas seal and burying them in a nearby park.

During that night, although my wife felt perfectly fine, she suddenly started coughing like never before, but at 2:30 a.m. she stopped coughing completely and never coughed again since then. I take that as a sign that Marbas completed his work once he accepted the payment.

She’s now perfectly fine.

I had never worked with Marbas before, so I take this fast success as a sign to start working with him often.



Hail King Paimon


Thank you, Marquis Andrealphus :slight_smile:


Thank you Arc Angel Michael for cutting all cords and breaking all chains. Removing bad energy and feelings and removing all energies that were not welcome.


I want to give a huge thanks to Lucifer he has always been there for me whenever I need him, I have known him for a few years now and he is without a doubt an amazing person who I highly recommend for anyone who is having trouble of any kind.


Welcome @brianthemaster56 Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS section, and tell us about yourself and your experience in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Thank you great Angel Michel for doing as I asked.


Thank you Beëlzebuth for doing both things I asked you.


Thank you again King Paimon and King Lucifer. Both of you just keep coming through for me!


MEHMI’ON- Thank you Mehmi’on, I will never bind people without you. You’re phenomenal

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I want to once again thank Lucifer for making my Christmas the best it can possibly be he helped me get some of the things that I had always wanted, and because of this it will benefit me in more ways in one he is truly the greatest person to ever exist I don’t know what I’d do without him. He doesn’t deserve all the negative attention people give to him he is a kind and caring man who I will cherish for the rest of my life.


I’d like to thank Amducias for helping me with my request! You really came through for me, thank you so much!!


Huge thanks to President Marbas for helping me with my ailment, King Paimon for always being a mentor, and I can’t forget you Lilith for helping me emotionally.


Thank you, King Paimon :slight_smile:


This is a public acknowledge to the mighty King Belial. I Asked to remove internal and external blockages regarding wealth and has opened up a new business opportunity to me.


Thank you Goddess for the inspiration.

Thank you King Paimon, as always. :heart:


Not done, but already seeing results bit by bit. Thank you.

Hail to His Majesty King Paimon


I’d like to give praise to Amon, Sargatanas and Dantalion for stepping up!

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I want to thank Uvall/Vual for giving me a sign he heard me loud and clear . I promised i’d write a post about him . Great energy i could feel him all around me . Will give another thanks and post when he has completed the request ! So far so good .


So as mentioned in another post, I’d like to publicly thanks Duke Dantalion for never failing me. He’s truly remarkable and works with lightning speed. He had tempered the minds of my examiners so that they would be pleased with my work. And yes they were more than pleased and happy.

I’d also like to thank Ahk’la’tesh for changing my perception of time so that my 3-hour oral exam seemed like just a few minutes.

Finally I’d like to thank King Paimon, Lucifer and Lillith. Even though I had not requested aid for this path, I felt that there were with me all the way and so I’d like to show my appreication.