Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!

I would like to thank these mighty spirits Seer, Buer, and King Paimon for the accomplished jobs that yeilded results. Your indeed a great spirits to work with.


Thank you, Duke Zepar. I’m sorry for being an ignorant prick when it comes to tasks like yours. But the conversation was overall pleasant and actually even instructive and I will look at you with different eyes from now on :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you President Marbas, Prince Sitri, Earl Andromalius and King Zagan… These last few weeks have been enlightening and I can’t wait to see what the next few bring…


You reached out and showed me things that have blown my mind. You’ve made me a wide-eyed young man in the sunshine of divinity. You have shown me allies. I will heal and protect them in your name and my own.


thanks you Isheets’it for pushing me to develop a higher tier of psychic power!


Welcome @Croobum. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Heres my Mother; always coming through😊

Haha! Thank you St Expedite

Whose sigil is this? Michael or Rapheal?

It’s the traditional seal for Michael.


Oh I see. Is a seal different from a sigil?

No, most people use the terms interchangeably, but I prefer to call them spirit seals so they don’t get confused with the Austin Osman Spare sigil method popularized by Chaos Magick.


I understand. Thank you. :pray:t5:

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Thank you to King Belial for helping to get my £150 fine dropped and also at the same time getting me the money I asked for in under a week. Praise to Agares for being really efficient and thorough in my request and being such a nice / good spirit to evoke.


Thanks to Bune for getting the Bills paid, Sargatanas for improving me as a person. Satanachia I see your work coming through too.


Posting my thanks to Raziel, Sandalphon, and a few other angels I’ve been working with recently for some personal triumphs. Always feel welcome to work with these spirits.


Oh and also Sitri for a request awhile back that I forgot to post. Thank you!


Thank you to the great Duchess Bune for helping me!!! Two days ago while I was at work, I invited her to have chocolates with me later that day to talk and get to know her better. I got home that day, and later on, offered my chocolates and I also lit a green candle for her. Before I could even start the meditation, listening to her enn, etc, I felt a presence and heard, “Honey, you don’t have to do all of that, I’ve been waiting for you.”

We talked, I told her how I’m a mother, I work to give my babies a good life, and I don’t ask for much in life, I just want them to be happy. She told me she would help me for those exact reasons, and to just have faith in her. Well yesterday I got a call saying my refinance loan for my truck was approved, which is saving me $135 a month. I don’t know how I was able to get approved for this loan, because my credit was shot, and I mean SHOT. I only applied for shits and gigs, and totally forgot about it until I got the call. When you have kids, an extra $135 a month can definitely come in handy. I’m beyond thankful and grateful and also HUMBLED.

Thank you for helping me Duchess Bune!!


Thank you very much, mighty Angels of Omnipotence: Elubatel, Ebuhuel and Atuesuel for your help and blessings on this days. :pray::bowing_man:‍♂


Thank you, Marquis Leraje, Duchess Bune and Prince Orobas. Your help is a pretty big deal to me and I will make the most and best out of it.