Meet a mentor

What spell or spirit is good to use to meet a mentor that can help in your road ?
i mean like meet a mentor that can help in business , to start somthig etc

Try this with business mentors you respect, if you don’t have one yet I strongly recommend familiarising yourself with David Neagle’s work, also Clive Jarrow and Neil Fiore:

Everyone I know of who has done this finds the characters rapidly begin to take on lives of their own and help with information or ideas that cannot possibly have come from your ordinary-level mind.

Also try these:

Clauneck & Buné are good spirits for slow-growth business abundance and success.

Also some methods in this may assist you:


Funny, I was thinking back about one of my tantrum ridden posts, and still would love to have a teacher, though doesn’t have to be my age or older, and doesn’t have to be my gender either, just a very competent and well respected magician.

I’m not the easiest student to work with however, but can be dedicated and disciplined.

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Make one for now, it’s not “either/or” - you may better attract someone into your life who fits the profile once that neediness (which comes to us all if we keep meeting with setbacks and obstacles) has had the edge taken off. :+1:

It’s a form of “Law of Attraction” in its own right to do this.


Damon brands book on incantations got me a mentor within 2 weeks.

Back when I needed some guidance
Within a week i met this Wiccan high priestess, who keep in mind is the real deal no new age weakling a real witch.

She was a great help :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll pm you the spell later today.


What is the name of the book of Damon Brand ?

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Oh shit, my bad bro here.



No prob and really thanks

Thank you @Lady_Eva :slight_smile:

Thanks @Lady_Eva

Be careful of mentors. In all my twenty years of occult work I have had only two mentors who proved to be worth the time and energy of the student. Luckily, I still have an excellent working, teaching / learning relationship with both of them. But for the two good ones I’ve managed to engage with, there have been multiple mediocre / unsatisfactory ones.; these latter however were fortunately quickly spotted within a matter of months; they made rooky mistakes which the diligent student could see through, without too much loss of financial resources or emotional / spiritual investment.

My experiences have taught me that age is actually quite an important factor with concerns to developing this kind of relationship. The two mentors whom I had the good fortune to learn from were either older than me or the same age as me; having had the time and experience both to develop their knowledge and the wisdom in its deployment and teaching. Not that I’m discounting the possibility of a twenty something occultist having sufficient knowledge and wisdom to become a teacher of quality; I just haven’t come across it yet.

There is also a matter of finances; in my experience an authentic mentor will only charge you for the material that you need to learn and no more. A good mentor will not try to make a living out of you; he / she will have already manifested all that they need to be financially secure without relying on students / apprentices to financially support them. As a consequence, they will not try to sell you their services; and it is you who will have to go to the effort to seek them out and prove both your desire and your commitment by damn hard work and perseverance in the learning and application of their teachings.

I wish you luck in finding such a person on this forum or elsewhere.