Was that after a spirit interaction? There’s a few bloggers that have experienced physical trauma with succubus spirits after a few extreme physical interactions with them. This can be common in the beginning, because these kind of spirits tests our limits and adjust our bodies to theirs, to find the perfect synchronization. The physical traumas includes:

  • Blood vessel bursts, because of strong erections, which can make you piss blood.
  • Hemorrhoids because of deep prostate stimulation.
  • Limp penis, because of overstimulated prostate.
  • Stomach aches.

These occurrences doesn’t happen to everyone, but it can happen. If you’re synchronized with your spirit, there’s minimal to none, when it comes to physical issues.


How does your personal power grow from invoking a Succubi? Will only my dreams be of the kinkiest sex or would i embrace the demons essence to my life on day to day?

Also, i guess that Succubi / Inkubi would be the dominant as we cannot actually take dominance over them in Sex, so wouldn’t that just let us explore one side of the psyche in terms of sex?

It was after the spirit interaction there was no blood, after i channelled the spirit Sitri, i was experiencing powerful awakening Lucid dreams like these very cute female honey form of succubus jacking me off when i was in bed, as well as pillow talk coming from the female spirit, i never felt anything like it, after that for days i had a very itchy limp penis, there was something i didn’t know i read on a website when masterbate just before get to a orgasm drop off for 10 sec then go again then drop off for 10 sec again and again, so if happens again don’t know how much longer to wait.

I contact the spirit again see if there is a spirit can supernaturaly do prostate massarges.

Depending on what you look like, wanna enjoy it together

Go on Lexapro. That’ll kill your sex drive.


According to Dr. Andrew Weil (M.D.), ejaculating at least 11 times or more per month significantly decreases the chances of getting prostate cancer. And if you add in factors like orgasms being beneficial for charging up sigils, then there shouldn’t be a big problem unless someone becomes so OCD about masturbating constantly that it interferes with taking care of daily living and what-not.


Don’t bother, chances are we would be incompatible anyway.

There is only way to avoid addiction of masturbation is that you need to control your thinking and watch some good movie when you start getting sex related thoughts. You can get more tips to avoid it from this article:



What also might help a lot is learning how to transform your sexual energy using one of the esoteric system. It will dissolve slowly and steadily all pain, suppressed and blockades, and I’m quite certain it will make the strong urges disappear, to be replaced with a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Healing/Universal Tao courses are great for this.

Good luck!

p.s. I’ve seen some support forums on this topic that have great tips, and guys supporting eachother.

I know this is an old Post and that it’s just an autocorrect typo, but for this topic “glaze into the candle” is seriously funny.

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I have stomach pains is this?

me too

Gradually do it less and focus your mind on other activities. You don’t need to completely stop it though IMO

Unless it’s the other way around and you haven’t masterbated in a year or so.

I feel like I’m in the opposite direction of this.

Get happily married to your wrist! You’ll feel all sunny side up without realising just how fast things will become hard-boiled. Pretty soon your wrist won’t be as attractive as it was, it won’t be interested or will have an ache.

While you’re at it, go to YouTube and checkout Lonely Island’s classic - I Jizz in my Pants. Do that for me.




What the heck?

Are you talking to me? Or someone else?


Lol😂 I remember this movie! My favorite character was the moist little fingers guy.

That whole scene when there eating dinner is HILARIOUS!!! :rofl:

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