I went through a recent very bad illness which included flu like symptoms which lasted nearly 8 weeks. I have had pneumonia twice before in my life and have scar tissue in my left lung but this was the time that I had experienced breathlessness. I do not prescribe to Pharma , vaccines or antibiotics and in the case of the latter, they would have proved useless against a virus and cause damage to the gut amongst other things. I had tried all the normal natural remedies including NAC and fermented garlic, to no avail at this point. I knew that Marbas and Buer had healing powers, so I asked them to come to me, no ceremony, simply to come to me. As I was no better, I felt I had no choice but to visit my doctor the following day to check my lungs though I was sure it was Bronchitis. During his examinations, like most doctors, he checked my blood pressure, which has always been high i.e. 170/90/Pulse 80, when in his or any other physicians’ office, white coat syndrome I’m sure. To this end I have always kept records of my own readings taken at home including photographing the monitor readings to show him that it is usually 130/80 pulse 60.
On this particular day, knowing me of old regarding BP, he left the office for a few moments suggesting beforehand that I think calm thoughts which further exasperated my already anxious state in preparation for the upcoming cuff on my arm.
At this point , I asked Marbas three times to come to me, again plain and simple and when my doctor took the readings he said “ Oh this is unusual” which concerned me even more until he told me that for the first time in over 6 years my blood pressure in his office was 130/80 and pulse of 57 – not only this but as soon as I left his office and walked back to my truck, my breathlessness had also gone .
I know that this was due to Marbas and I offer him great praise and gratitude and have asked that he heal my daughter also


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