Making someone move away?

There’s this annoying girl that is in a way ruining my life and «stealing» my friends, and I see her almost everyday. I don’t really want to harm her or anything, that wouldn’t even be beneficial for me. I can’t stand it anymore, when she wasn’t around my area everything was absolutely perfect and I was rarely unhappy, but now everyday is filled with anxiety and sadness just because of her!

Any spell, ritual, spirit that could do something like that? Please share anything you think might work well for this situation. I’ll try anything, I just need things to be the way they were before she interfered.

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If you are not inclined to bring harm to her but you still want her gone you could make a sigil to banish her or open opportunities for her to move on to. Just don’t forget to bind your unwanted action when you make your statement of intent, i.e. “person X will find a new, different circle of friends and may it harm none”, or “person X will move out of this area and may it bless all involved”.


You could try this method:

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Thank you! :grinning: I might try that, but sigils have never worked for me in the past.

Thank you for the recommendation, but unfortunately I still live with my parents and I don’t think they would be very happy finding some weird «evil witchcraft» stuff in their freezer :sweat_smile::confused: