Making Money With Magic ( How To Sell Magic Services )

I created this topic so that those who currently make money from providing tarot readings and spelling casting for clients can share their knowledge and insight on how to go about getting started as a professional magician.

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I think it’s a good side thing. I’m happy to just help people Abd make a difference. We get to be real super heroes and help the little guy.

How I started out was basically the same as any other business tbh. I gave out a few readings for free so people can get a feel of how it all works and leave some feedback, then things just took off from there. Advertising with banners and blogs does help, but the best clients always come from word of mouth.

Well I started out doing tons of freebies both readings and work for people and established a reputation within a few occult communities.

Forums that allow signatures and links are great to help spread the word and there really is no need to push yourself or your services on others. Thise that need to come will come.

Your own website will be a must within the next few years as marketplaces like Etsy and Ebay are cracking down due to the number of scammers.

Keep it small and simple to begin with and be the one to dictate the growth of your business so you do not get overwhelmed.

Network, talk and work with other sellers and they will actually refer you to clients if they may not be a good match for the client, too busy or just do not offer what they may be looking for. On that same note be cautious of who you associate with, you can be the most honest and ethical seller in the world but if you get lumped in with some bad apples your name will be mud.

Play it safe, do not offer anything you are not highly profficient in unless you offer it as a free service. One bad review will get more word of mouth than 100 good ones.

Don’t give away what you can sell, I see a lot of new people keep giving their work out for free periodically and complain that sales are slow. Why buy when I can wait a week or two for the next batch of free services? There’s nothing wrong with the occasional giveaway but do not go overboard.

You should be doing plenty of magic to draw in clients and sales. Whatever spirkts you work with to help clients should be helping you. If they can’t manifest for you what are they gonna do for others?

Be what you advertise. There’s a saying “A poor magician is a poor magician”, while that is up for debate you should be able to represent yourself as being capable of providing for yourself what you are offering to others. Would you go to a dentist who had a smile like a Jack-o-lantern? Would you hire someone to manifest wealth in your life when they are living off the government? Would you ask someone who’s been divorced 5 times for relationship advice? A guy claiming to be able to do incredible things should be living a pretty incredible life, put up or shut up.

Thats all I can think of.

I have read some terrible stories of fake magicians and spell scammers. “Send me your money, so as I can cleanse it and send it back to you.” And the hoodlum you met on that dodgy block would have given you back your gold chain after holding it for you. "I need you to send more money, so I can buy a calf and sacrifice it."
Taking advantage of a fool is one thing. Making it difficult for genuine magicians is another. I just hope the scammers fuck with the wrong person one day.

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One thing NOT to do is leave spam comments on blogs like mine advertising your services - or what I get more often - “testimonials” from “grateful clients” who leave your contact information. To begin with, any blogger with a blog worth leaving a spam comment on won’t post them, and I’ve often thought of doing a “scammer” post with the names of the spell casters. I haven’t done one so far, but spammers are so irritating that I bet some bloggers might.

Karma Zain did something like this once. The Dirtbag Directory lol