Magickal Advice needed: Addiction/Abuse/Homelessness

Hey everyone, i was wondering if i could get your input on how to handle this difficult situation using magick.

So five years ago, my mother was doing great had a good job and home, happy and for the most part healthy when she met her now boyfriend on an online dating site. at this point in time my mom had been sober from drinking for a few years but he is 16 years younger than her and was still in the “party” scene and liked to drink, he knew she was sober and at first he said he wouldn’t drink around her but then sure enough he started to and she made it seem like she was okay with it and could “handle it” but after awhile he started to nag her to start drinking with him and she thought that just a beer or two would be fine, but then before you know it she’s drinking all the time with him, she goes back to her old ways of staying up all night getting drunk with him and of course he started to show that he had serious angry issues most of all when he was drinking…

So this went on for a few months and at this point she was still working and he had moved in with her with no job or anything. then he started doing meth and getting her to use it too. :roll_eyes: at this point everything went to complete shit and she lost her job, house and pretty much everything. they became homeless and were always breaking up and getting back together. Eventually they decided to move out of state where they were still homeless and he was still putting her in the hospital multiple different times. they were both in and out of jail for drugs etc. she was now a full blown alcoholic and drug addict. she kept telling me over the phone about how she wanted to move back to our home state where her family was and get clean and get back on her feet and how she wanted to leave her boyfriend.

Anyways, long story short, a few weeks later she actually manages to leave him and come back into town, swearing that she’s clean and going to get back on her feet. She had nowhere to go but luckily she was able to stay with my sister for the time being. Unfortunately, she was not clean and just got discovered stealing alcohol from my sister, and is probably going to get kicked out onto the streets. :crying_cat_face:

I just don’t have any idea what to do… i know my mom is very depressed and has really bad anxiety right now, she has fresh scars all up and down her arms. i’m worried that if she ends up on the streets again she will try and commit suicide because she feels like there is no hope for her… i know that everything that has gotten her to this point is because of her own choices but i still want to help her any way I can to start coming out of the hole she dug for herself.

What would you recommend magick-wise as a starting point for this? What spirits or entities would be good to work with for getting someone out of addiction and homelessness? Or would some kind of spell be better? My significant other @Nyxifer has already done a ritual to help bind her boyfriend from causing anymore trouble… I just need to focus on improving my mom’s life. Any thoughts? I’m also a beginner in magick so I don’t know too much but I am willing to do anything to help her.


Your shared ancestors; Buer; her own Higher Self (accessible through evocation or core shamanic journeying, I can teach you this method); construction, at a pinch, of an entity to possess her and keep that crap from drawing her back in.

She’s probably is so much pain when she’s not on those things, and knows she can relieve that pain any second just by having one more, managed, this-time-I-can-control-it (or “Fuck it, I’ve screwed everything up”) session of using.

And sobriety’s not a moral matter, or a matter for willpower or smarts - it uses every resource against the person, so the stronger she is, the stronger the urge to use; the smarter she is, the more clever its arguments to go back to it.

I’m making this point to illustrate that she’s like someone with a bleeding wound, it needs some kind of energetic patching to stop the flow of energy and mental preoccupation back towards the stuff.

I’ll PM you the first part of the core shamanism tutorial, I can speed you through that or if you can evoke, you could evoke her Higher Self, also lookup Buer on here, and the thread below has a simple method to begin constructing a servitor - there are energy healing methods you can use later once she’s been clean for a bit and is getting used to it:


Thanks for the advice @Lady_Eva! Looks like @Sublimina is gonna do a ritual with the Angel of Lost Things to help bring back the loving mother that she and her sisters have lost to the ravages of addiction. Would it be counterproductive to also do some rituals with the other spirits you listed too, like her ancestors and her Higher Self? Or would it better to focus all of our energy on working with a single entity so that there’s no chance of having multiple spirits with different energy currents all conflicting with each other?

Also, with regards to working with her shared ancestors and Higher Self… obviously there is no sigil for these beings, so what would be the best way to contact them? Would we focus on a photograph of her mom and cast the verbalized intent of connecting with them, or what would be the best way of going about this IYO?


It’s fine to combine them, and also work with other spirits where needed, the Angel is focused on Lost Things so anything else that accelerates recovering them is good.

Like combining a good diet with workouts to get a result of fitness and muscular development. both help each other.

I sent the Core Shamanism tutorial which is the fastest way I know of to contact a Higher Self, as it’s kind of built into that system, which in its standard form focuses heavily on healing for the self and others, and on bringing balance, recovering energy lost to destructive events in life, and so on.

One thing addiction can bring is a kind of low-level PTSD from the sheer traumatic knowledge of how close to death you’ve been, over and over, the days waking feeling like crap and the effects on the heart and the rest of the body, obviously this varies from person to person but it’s another thing to factor in, and core shamanism is good for assisting with that kind of thing.

That would also be good, all these things are methods to break through “the veil” between spirits and our ordinary world, I mean while core shamanism has this whole thing to structure an axis mundi (which IS important) the final goal is to be able to see and interact in spiritual realities as well as the 3D world, so you’re not in one sense “going anywhere” - for that reason, using a photo as a link, along with everything else, is good, then see which you feel the strongest link from. :+1:

So, combine calling on the anmgel using the photo as a link, and/or an image of her at her sober happy best; learn the journeying method to interact with her HS; add anything else that is along these lines, that comes under the umbrella of recovering for her what it will take to stay sober, removing the pain and damage caused by the addiction, and propping up the energy loss (to trauamatic stuff as well as the energy loss inherent to addictions) as well, until finally she’s able to enjoy life enough that the temptation recedes, and then becomes a thing to shun.

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How is she doing now?

I truly hope she recovered by now