Magical / Spiritual Maturity - Keys Of Magical Success

Magical/ Spiritual Maturity - Keys Of Magical Success

Magical maturity is by far one of the most important keys of success in my magick to say the atleast,but it is something that can slowly happen in many indivituals but some dont even have one,being mature is different from being serious in magick,serious is a principle that it is known but not the maturity.

Seriousness Vs Maturity

Both Of the Are Essential for achieving greater goals,being serious with spirits,rituals,energies etc can bring massive success,seriousness is when you dont joke around here and not dabble,this is found mostly on adepts and on beginners that genualy look for something in the occult either fixing serious problems or looking for power.

Maturity is like the next level of seriousness but aslo something esle being mature means you are adapted even on most bogling mind fucks and problems having the knowladge confidently to fix them and the power to not even be shaken,this is aslo the mastery of the Right Thought which i will write more about that one day.

How To Become Mature

This is a complex proccess that can wreck the mind of a beginner but if you are truly serious with that or want to level up make youself ready for big changes gaining maturity over magical practives requires lots of time and effort its not something cut and dry but after the storms that enter you must master every little thing about that and even of your destruction.

recreating yourself over and over with more maturity and more making yourself adapted,you can ask spirits too,they will teach you about that but they will not give it but they will show how it is made through creating circumstances in yourlife that will destroy you.

I and belial worked a lot for this,my life was destroyed and i recreated it only to be destroyed again ,this goes the same with the inner self as for a heart to open it must be broken,but the greatest advice that i can give is non attachment but aslo lots of effort,non attached into the pain but expiriencing it and effort in making yourself with all of your effort and literally going beyond it everytime.

Reaching it

we are far from being fully spiritual mature but not in the edges of impossible what it needs to be done is using more than your full effort everytime transcending yourself more and more the sacrifice is everything,in rituals i literally take my own soul and devour it and re make it from the farthest far heights of my limits and wanting more to recreate it.




Speaking from experience, over seriousness can really kill your magic and over spiritual experience. Yes, respecting the powers you weild is as important as respecting the power of any weapon in your hand but going forward too hardcore and being way too critical on yourself is just asking for a burn out, where as growing to be more spiritually/magically mature helps keep the doors to creativity to enjoy the process enough to continue even when things get difficult. Really glad you pointed out the difference my friend. Great work as always


@Sigfried You might read this and get what I was trying to relay to you. :slight_smile:

Sadly, the word ‘mature’ describes few of the mages i’ve interacted with in my time.