Love/sex demon?

There is a girl that I like. She and I dated last summer. After a short time she said that she could not keep me in her life because it was taking time away from her son, school, and work. Since then we have remained friends, but we do not hang out. I would like for her to feel the strong urge to date me for the purpose of seeing whether a relationship could work. I also want her to desire me sexually so that she will feel compelled to begin dating soon.

Can I use Sigil Magick to accomplish this? If so, what demon or angel should I use?

the forum is filled with information about the demonic powers u can use for lust and /or love. So are the books of EA Koetting. Sitri, Sallos, Dantalion, Rosier are the first ones that come to my mind. Yes, sigil magick can be used.

Asmodeus is another a well-known “demon of lust.”

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What is rosier elements and qlipha and planter??

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