Love or obsession spell

Hi! Has anyone had luck with any love or obsession spells? My ex and I have been together for about a year and 3 months and he broke it off because he didn’t want my mental health affecting him or his future. I’ve read with several psychics and they’ve all said that someone was influencing his decision to break up with me and that it’s not all done. He and I had a convo that he isn’t fully sure if the break up was the right decision. So if you could help me please?

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And before anything else… we get this type of question quite often. Use the search function.

But I’ll also tell you this: you DON’T want someone obsessed with you. It can, and will, backfire. You’ll end up either with a stalker or total (aparent) indiference from your target.


A better spell would be a spell to find love.

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Don’t pay attention to that vague answer from the psychics,

A good guess, and all people are influenced by someone LOL even your ex is influencing you right now.

That is his right to do so, why would someone waste their time if they see no future?

How soon after the breakup did you have this conversation?

A love spell in my opinion would be better, worded in the style of an invitation. Love is not a possession or a right. Don’t lower yourself to begging through desperation or obsessing you will only turn that love to something much darker and in this case this will set the tone for how you handle all future relationships.

We spoke 5 days after the breakup.

I highly suggest a love spell or reconciliation one, you ask for more than you bargain for wanting a obsession spell and they can end bad very bad. Say you do a obsession spell and it works then you decided you don’t want him anymore and break up with him and he thinks in obsession if he can’t have you no one can and he kills you sounds brutal but that can happen. There is also this event tho it hurts now he’s not the only one for you maybe have a spell done to bring the right love to you and he will make you forget all about the heartache. Stop paying psychics and dwell into your own personal power we all possess if you seek it embrace it OK love

Do you know a good one that works? I’m positive this would be right for me

I am looking for the same thing.

This is what yall need
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Its free,and potent