Lord Belial's message: secret of invulnerability, invincibility, etc

Ok! I ask some question to some spirits about the secret of super human ability, immortality, invincibility, etc
And only Lord belial who tell me
I get a dream! And in that dream, i go inside a cave, first cave is full of rock, sand, then there is a ladder to go down to next camber, there is water fountain in this room, then next chamber, i go down again, this chamber is like in volcano, hot, and next room, is like open room, i feel wind blow through my skin
And in final room, i find 4 stones with different color, red, green, blue, brown. And there is a sound, and i really sure, it’s lord belial said
" you ask me about secret about immortality, super human, bullet proof ability or something like that, YES, you can, invincibilty is REAL, it’s not a fairy tale, when you succeed in mastering Four elements and control it, you will become invincible, you are a GODLIKE

Ok, that’s the lord belial message, i hope, i can help you all


The fifth Element, aether/spirit/ect is said to be all the other elements combined… Personally I believe differently, but that could be the direction he’s pushing you towards.


Wow amazing
Last night i got a new dream
And now lord lucifer who came to me
He came to me in form of like “darth vader” LOL
I never see him like that
He said
“you must master your dominant element first! And i give you a secret, there is shortcut to mastering all four element! There is fifth element, he give me an illustration, there is like a grey stone and all fourth element absorbed! And he said you call it demonic element!”

Belial and lucifer, they really want to teach us to become a god


Any news??
Did you figure out how to master the fifth element ???

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Sorry for very very late reply
Lucifer say that there is a shortcut to mastering four element, that’s fifth element he say demon element but he doesnt tell me more about that stuff

Lord belial say, you should mastering your dominant element first! Me, earth and fire
Invoke the demon according to their element
For example
Earth belial (he rules earth) fire (satan/samael/asmodeus) air (lucifer) water (leviathan vine etc)
Invoke their energy and you start the elemental meditation
That’s his hint

Ok i try to invoke belial energy and use it for earth element meditation (extremely powerfull)
Visualize light brown aura (earth color) with sand or solid rock cover your body, and of course you visualize belial sigil inside you!
Amazing! I feel, i can overcome all fear all doubt and everything!


Thank you! Keep this post updated, please, this is very interesting!

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Long time no post sorry

I feel the road/path to become “trully a God” is so difficult! So lord belial said “you must find spirit couple”
So i try to find spirit couple (i dont know what is spirit couple (maybe wife)) lol
It try to contact many “female” demon! Lilith naamah but nope we dont have any agreement (no deal)

Yesterday, i tried to relax myself! I remember to call pagan Gods (i’m not from satanist community)
I don’t know why i’m very interested with dragon God, i remember about Ryujin in japanese mythology!

So i call him! It’s simple ritual, i do the ritual in my bathroom (in mythology he is god of the sea water element)
I chant his name chant his name! And i feel buzzz, i feel my body hovering, and raging sea cover and surround my body and atmosphere

He said
"i’m leviathan, i have known in many generation, many culture, with many names
I’m Ryujin, Shenlong (chinese dragon), Tiamat, Naga (indian dragon), the Old serpent (bible)!
I have existed since the beginning of time! All gods, demons, universe emerged from the nothingness/chaos, and i’m the sea of chaos! The sea is not bad or good, it’s unpredictable force and power!
Many people has written about me! They created my mythology! And from the myth, Religion was created!
Religion culy myth are the sea of illusion! Many people including you, failed in your journey! Because you are trapped in illusion! People are bound in ignorancies, they are called Community, skin color, culture, race privilage etc
I’m the sea of chaos, i’m not bound by any culture and nations
The myth and religion created by Man, and ignorance people will worship the deities that created by Man!
They are not worshiping the true deity! They are just worshiping “the man’s made deity” (egregores)
You must go out, and release yourself from the chain of illusion, and see the truth! So you will become a God! You wil not be bound by any cultures boundaries or territories

Then he said
Satanist are trapped in the eternal struggle about chaos vs order! You need the order, to make a progress in your life! But the order come from the chaos! So from this perspective, people try to make a myth, marduk slay tiamat, angel defeat the dragon! It’s just a myth! It’s not about chaos vs order! It’s about harmony between chaos and order! Order must existed, but the order born from chaos!

Fantastic experience bro!
And when i slept, i dream about giant black dragon protect me and guide me! He can change his appearance to giant snake or serpent

He is similar like that
The Old serpent, leviathan, ryujin or shenlong or whatever you call him

I think, the jouney to water element has begun Lol


I’m a big proponent of Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics, and his whole premise is working with and mastering the elemnts of fire, air, water, and earth.

He says that these are the building blocks of the universe and with them, anything can be achieved.

He then lists spirits who specifically deal with invincibility, invulnerability agelessness, etc,.

Just more confirmation for me :sunglasses:


I distinctly recalled this from IIH. I’m going to pathwork that one to completion… I think that’s my next step and it has been for a while

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Good Luck to you :sunglasses:

maybe lord Belial right now in here

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