Looking for help to bring my ex back please!l?

I think that’s really interesting.
I think it depends a lot on how you do a reading.
Some people just to predictions and say „He will come back“ or „he won’t come back“ - stuff like that - because that’s what lots of people want to hear.

But I (as a reader myself) don’t think it works that way.
I think it’s much more important to look into a situation and see what could be changed for a possible better outcome. Future can change by the decisions we take. So even if someone says he will come back - something could happen that changes everything even though it looked good in a specific moment.
But if you know obstacles or feelings or fears etc - you can actively work on something you want to happen. On your own fears for example or on misunderstandings etc


I agree plainly with you, my aunt who’s a damn good reader was insisting on me coming back with my ex, and well it did not happen, knowing that she rarely is wrong.

The future changes as we go depending on our actions :slight_smile:

Would you like to do aura reading for me

Can you do my love reading too?