Looking for a spell to bring back me ex and have her obsess over me

I’m somewhat new to this but I’ve been researching. My ex left me before she went to school which is 30 mins away and we’ve done long distance before. I know she’s my soulmate and she had shown me so much love. When she left she wasn’t sure of her decision and kept on seeing me for two months. I want her back and for her to love and obsess over me. I want her to comeback. I’ve been looking for spells on here for something like that but I can’t find any. Maybe someone can send me a spell or evocation.

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why obsess? that can be a real pain in the arse at times.

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Because I want her like she was before

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An obsessive pain in the arse? Really?
Well, I gotta say this: in finite/individual experience you/she are always changing and so there’s no going back to what she/you were before unless you can perform a thorough reboot to the point where you started.
Just settle for a pleasant romantic long term relationship with her instead. It’s possible she could be obsessive too. Ideally, move on until she returns or something better comes up.

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Speaking as someone who sent a year in a haze of spells that went against my will. Those spells change people and for the worse, sure they may obsesses over you but part of their mind is shut off to do that and the more you do that the more zombie like they are until they fight the spells (if they ever do).

Plus once they realize they aren’t the same and something is taking over beyond their choice sadness can over take them.

Ive thought it through

Understand that love spells and “obsession” are doing is forcing someone to do something against their will. If it is meant to happen, let it happen naturally. If you force it WILL GO BAD for you.

Also…you wouldn’t be a very good soul mate if you force her to do something against her will and cause her to obsess over you. Obsession does horrible things to the person who is obsessed…not good things. So if you claim to love her…talk to her and try to convince her that you all can make it work…don’t try to “magic” her and make her your slave.

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this is my last solution to a problem


any luck?