*LONG* A Slightly Different Perspective on a Few Demon Friends (Dantalion, Belial, Leraje, Ronove, and Vassago)

Hello everyone! I’m not really sure if this is the right area to post this, but I really wanted to share my experiences with you guys (especially since I don’t see that many posts regarding the last three), and hopefully give some of you who are a bit afraid to start off with working with Goetian demons a bit of a push :slight_smile: (also they’re okay with the information that I’m sharing LOL)

To start off with, I want to put a few disclaimers TT-TT purely because everyone’s experiences with demons and spirits are different, and because I really can’t speak for them in terms of how they choose to do things haha (also my idea of working with and your idea of working with are probablyyyy a bit different) soooo take with a large grain of salt :wink:

  • 1st, I don’t use circles when I talk to them, mostly because my actual senses are blasted to all heck when it comes to sensing presence (apparently I’m uh, very “loud”), so almost all contact comes through dreaming/astral projection or the tarot
  • 2nd, My relationship with them is ‘friendship’ in the sense that I try and get to know them + we do small favors for each other, but when it comes to formal petitioning we still operate under the usual “pay for product” (however I don’t usually rely on them for things that I can do myself). I also don’t think of myself as their ‘friend’ as an equal, as I still respect them as powerful beings.
  • 3rd, If you’re looking for the basics in terms of enns, sigils, cardinal signs, candle colors, there are a lot of sites out there that will provide that information, so I’m going to be focusing more on personalities and “what you may/can expect should you choose to go forth with them”

****honestly my personal opinion on “preferred zodiac sign, element etc” is that it shouldn’t stop you from contacting a specific demon if you don’t match up on something. If they like you or are interested in you, they’ll respond/contact you themselves.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, here’s the rundown!


He’s the first demon I’ve ever worked with, so I’m probably a bit biased when it comes to him haha.

Initial Contact: A lot of people on this forum will say that he’s rather picky about who he chooses to work with, and that he tends to test those that contact him. I wouldn’t be too worried about this honestly mostly because his personal calling card for me involved a tarot card reading + a dream, but it probably differs across the board.

General Personality: Honestly, he’s really sweet if you get to know him. He tends to be rather quiet though, so if you’re feeling like you’re struggling a bit to feel his energy or hear him, don’t worry, he’s probably there. Sometimes he can be a bit sarcastic, but it’s usually in a teasing kind of way rather than malicious. He’s really good when it comes to helping people out with relationship issues, so if you’re looking for love, he and Duke Sallos are a great place to start!


Hooooo boy okay so here’s the one that some of you guys might have a few questions or doubts about. I’m going to put it out here first though: Belial tends to get a reallllly bad rep for the whole “Prince of Darkness” thing, but honestly if you’re like me and don’t really give two shits about the title, he’s an awesome demon friend. If you guys want an account from someone much more experienced than me, I highly recommend Lady Eva’s journals.

Initial Contact: Okay so, like many of the people on this forum have discussed, Belial tends to have realllly interesting tests for when you first decide to work with him. My personal experience (all in dreams/projection) has covered pretty much everything from getting stabbed multiple times in combat, having to fight against or run away from multiple enemies, etc. Honestly I think they’re pretty fun and I see them more as survival/adventure games, but uh, just wanted to give you guys a heads up on that one if you tend to get spooked.

Personality: Tbh he’s pretty fun? I don’t really know how to put it, but Belial (at least with me) tends to come off very childlike and mischievous. Ofc you should never forget that who you’re working with is still a being of a higher plane, but he’s very reliable and protective when it comes to those that he trusts and vice versa. If you need some help “moving up the ladder” or with being charismatic, Belial’s a good choice.


Haha mannn Leraje’s a doozy. For the record I will be referring to Leraje as “her” because that’s what she appears to me as, but I know for a lot of people Leraje tends to appear as a guy.

Initial Contact: Leraje and I’s first meeting came uh, really hard and heavy and literally with a bang. I won’t get into the gory details, but I think her test was quite possibly worse than Belial’s in terms of giving me a very strong headache the next morning :smile:

Personality: Despite the very prickly first introduction, Leraje’s veryyyy sweet once you get to know her. She really likes going on hangouts and tends to “spoil” you if she likes you. Moreover, she’s also very much the embodiment of a warrior as well, and is great at sowing discord among a group or between persons (if that’s something you need help with).


I’m putting these two in a category together mostly because I haven’t worked with the two of them as long as I have the other three.

Ronove’s energy is very warm and comforting, but he tends to be a little more busy compared to other demons, so your requests with him might take awhile to manifest. He’s very encouraging when it comes to chasing dreams and opportunities, and he’s a good demon to go to if you need a little charm with people you don’t particularly like (or vice versa). Totally random fact: he seems to really like dogs? It’s very cute.

Vassago tends to be a little mysterious :smile: it took him a bit to warm up at first, but he’s a very good listener and advice-giver if you’re going through any mental or emotional issues. He’s also a good demon to seek out if you’re wanting to evolve in your practice/craft. I will warn you however, uh, he reallly likes to play this game when you first contact him where he’ll put you in a space, and then you’ll get a prompt to wake up from it :joy: and this might happen multiple times in a night (or across multiple nights) so don’t be too alarmed haha, he’s just playing.

Well, that’s it :joy: sorry if it’s so long, I just got really excited to type this all out. I hope this at least helped with giving a few of baby occultists or anyone new to demons some insight that the beings you’re contacting are powerful yes, but that doesn’t mean they’re big baddies. As long as you have respect and honestly are just a semi-chill person, you’ll probably be fine :smiley:


Very helpful.

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Super helpful! The way you interact fits the way I do, so that is encouraging.


Yay! I’m glad my experiences could help a few people out :grin:


I love the way you write, it’s cute and comforting.

I’ve had Belial on my mind since yesterday. I can’t get him out of my head.

Lately I’ve been having confidence and job issues (I tend to let people walk all over me because I’m afraid of appearing ‘mean’ and being disliked by others, which stems from a traumatic upbringing)

Yesterday a few things I had to do gave me anxiety, but I would think of Belial and force myself through it anyway. Does he have this effect on you?

I don’t recall ever feeling such a sudden connection to a demon out of nowhere, and wonder if anyone else has experienced this with Belial.

I’m thinking of creating my own ritual to contact him. I’ve never made my own ritual before in a pointed way because I tend to doubt myself a lot but I’m feeling pushed to do it now for Belial


Sorry it took so long to reply (I don’t usually have notifications on :sob:). And yeah! Belial definitely would help you out with gaining confidence and improving charisma, especially in professional/workplace areas. (Also totally unwarranted personal advice: Never feel bad about establishing boundaries!)

And don’t feel pressured to use a specific ritual type to get into contact with him! If he really is reaching out to you, just do what you feel like is necessary (although obligatory warning: make sure what comes through isn’t a parasite/thought-form). Typically a ritual would include a circle, his sigil, enn, something to burn your offering/paper (or if it’s food/drink, have it inside the circle with you).

ALSO! Don’t feel discouraged if you don’t really feel anything at first. It’s extremely rare to be able to “hear” spirits, and chances are you’ll experience feelings or sensations more than anything else (or, if you’re more experienced in astral/dream planes, he might contact you through there).

Sorry this was kind of a long reply LOL but I wish you the best of luck!


Thank you for this. This has been very helpful. Would you to a QnA in the future with them and post it here? That’s if its okay with them of course.


I did an invocation ritual after a long meditation. I asked for a sigil to make sure it was him and for the first time I was given a personal sigil to use with him. I gave a blood offering and said thank you. I’m extremely happy.


Sure I can try! Depends on what you’re interested in knowing :smiley: I’m don’t usually receive super clear answers (my mindscape is too loud :sob:), but I can definitely give it a go

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Yay that’s awesome! Wishing you the best on your journey :smiley:

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You can ask them what advice do they have for people who wish to work with them? I woke up from a deep sleep and as i was about to gain full consciousness i heard the name “ronove” repeatedly in my mind. i can remember because it was clear and audible. my question then would be if i should work with ronove? i am a beginner and i’ve done only like 3/4 evocations.

but thank you nonetheless if you’re going through with it.

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Thank you for sharing!
I have worked with Leraje several times. S/he truly comes in this way, tough but sweet :wink:


Yes!! That’s actually exactly how Ronove contacted me! He’s a really gentle (albeit a bit quiet, so don’t freak out too much if you can’t immediately “hear” him) demon, so he’s great for people who’re first starting out :smiley: Especially since he’s reached out to you, that means he should be expecting you, so go ahead and give it a try!

(As before, obligatory warning: make sure it’s really him and not a parasite/thought form that’s coming through!)


Honestly! I can’t recommend her enough, she’s so underrated :sob:

ooof on the last part you got my attention there. i don’t know, how would i know if it’s not a parasite? if it’s actually Ronove?

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Here’s a good thread for that! How to detect imposter spirits and other time wasting things

Most of the time though, it’s most likely the authentic spirit coming through. But if you start getting bad vibes or just a sense of strangeness where your instincts are saying “something’s wrong”, then better safe than sorry.

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My first contact w leraje was like that lol he came in very strong. I almost passed out. Idk about him being picky tho my intent was really strong to get thru to him and it worked.

Hes been calling me in my head to contact him so i think im gonna work w him once more